Nintendo Switch eShop Update- 14 NEW GAMES! (3-22-18)

ciro rana 

GEKIDO !!!!! <3

JRPG gaming 

+vanburen20 I met voice actress from attack on titan Trina Nishimura few years back I have picture posted on my channel

PS: Nintendo should revise their ebay listings in regards to 3DS systems. make BIG & BOLD "no AC adapter included" people posting negative feedback. Mostly its buyers own fault for not reading listings thoroughly enough


Maybe at the end of the year you can put all of these together to showcase all the games released in 2018

Jessica Brantley 

I’m picking up Shantae. Half-Genie Hero was a blast so I’m sure I’ll like this one too!

moneytree777 forever!!!!! 

Hi thanks for comment reply

Shanester 123 

nice video keep it up😁 you should do smash 5 charecter predictions

Geek'n Bunnies 

Great video!

Jon Veliky 

And with that, it completes the World Heroes games on Switch. I got all the Art of Fighting. I still have yet to finish with Fatal Fury, and the King Of Fighters games.


Thank you so much for these! I'm getting a switch in a week and I'm excited :D

Undying Dream 

First!, im still shocked that you dont have atleast 10000 subs, you deserve it