NFL Week 7 Picks and Predictions from The Prez (Week 7 NFL Free Picks - Week 7 NFL Predictions)


NFL Week 7 Picks and Predictions from The Prez and TV host Kelly Stewart. Lawrence Prezman gives his free NFL picks and betting preview on the full NFL Week 7 card (get updated NFL Week 7 spreads from Vegas

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19-5 (79%) NFL Sides (point-spreads) run L/24

15-5 (75%) overall NFL L/20

17-9 (65%) NFL record in 2018-19 season

9-4 (69%) CFB Best Bet Sides run in 2018

4-0 (100%) & 9-3 (75%) NBA Hi-Roller (3%) release runs

16-5 (76%) MLB Totals run L/21 releases

🏈 NFL Week 7 Regular Season Schedule:

Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals

Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers

Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts

Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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🏈 Two NFL Specials from The Prez:

-1 Month of All Sports Picks for $199 using coupon code PREZ199

-Get 51% OFF his NFL MAIN EVENT 5% GAME OF THE MONTH using coupon code PREZ51

► Redeem Coupons:


19-5 (79%) NFL Sides (point-spreads) run L/24

15-5 (75%) overall NFL L/20

17-9 (65%) NFL record in 2018-19 season

9-4 (69%) CFB Best Bet Sides run in 2018

4-0 (100%) & 9-3 (75%) NBA Hi-Roller (3%) release runs

16-5 (76%) MLB Totals run L/21 releases

sausey Solano 

Thank you pres and hot kelly won $700 two weeks in a row because of you guys 💘💖💣💥

Tom MacDonald 

Prez you ever visit ottawa? What’s your email? Thanks!


bates and barr. hahaha. kelly looking good.

Adraine Holmes 

Yea please always forget ur charger.


I love this WagerTalkTV! Kelly really makes the show, I've been following her for sometime now & let me tell you, she knows her shit! She's the perfect woman, can talk sports, spreads, etc & is beautiful to boot! If you ever come to the new sports books in AC let me know, I'd love to take you to dinner after we make a couple grand!

Sal Vong 

Is Kelly in a wheelchair?

Jamon Morris 

The girl is the reason I subscribed..


prez and kelly i lean dolphins vikings ravens and small lean on the giants against the falcons

Nial Williams 

How about a new microphone?


Prez  U #'S have been pretty good yourself. I'm on the highway this weekend as both my plays are road teams. my Best Bet in College is Away and my Best Bet in the NFL is away. going into this weekend I'm sitting at 14-1-0 in Best Bets 93W%. I don't know how much longer I can keep this torrid pace up but i'll ride the wave as far as it goes. I do love both my plays this weekend but I don't have a crystal ball. 40yrs of handicapping and wagering my Best Bets W% has been between 60-62%. over the course of a season I pick lots of games but I only wager on Best Bets. I'm very selective and that has been a major reason 2 my success. (now if I could only apply that discipline at the racetrack) then that would be great. handicapping and wagering on thoroughbred racing 43yrs so even longer then sports. great discipline with games terrible discipline with the horses. try 2 figure that out I can't? Good Luck 2 All and keep up the good work Prez.

fuerza tijuanense 

kelly dont trust denver-2 vs cards come on kelly arizona?

Christopher Cabral 

But SKOL....


“Sports caffeine” ? And thanks for chargers last week 💪

Christopher Cabral 

Haha... how do you have bad sound, it’s not that hard.


prez and kelly the team that plays the bills the next game they lose by a lot go check so jaguars the play this week

Bill Wagner 

"Daily Coffee with the Prez"


Coffee & Spreads with The Prez (& Beautiful a** KellyinVegas from time to time) on 🤷🏽‍♂️👍🏾


i lean dever broncos my leans this i love carolina panthers this week i like charges on spread i like jaguars on the spread i 49ers i lean bills

Supur Man 

Pete Carroll resembles The Prez (w/ Headphones) a little bit. Prez's Playcalling Better!

mike littlecat 

Sound sucks. Might want to use closed captioning because this is unwatchable

Rob Weiderman 

So much talk about Kelly's looks, which are obviously warranted, but I'm diggin her mind! She thinks a lot like I do, we're both perception bettors.

Harry Tuttle 

Hey Prez & Kelly I appreciate your info and takes on the NFL. Is Vikings by only 3.5 a trap? Maybe Jets cover this number.


omg!! kelly could you be anymore beautiful. marry me :)

Eric Burch 

prez im disappointed in your miami pick lol. miami's d will stifle them

Eric Burch 

a suggestion, can you list at which times the games you guys will be covering.. that will be a big help

Dylan Martino 

I changed it as soon as he said the falcons fired their defense coach 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 because they didn’t.


i did use that Prez. 199$ got a months worth and i think you are 3-4 with a push. killling Prez thanks you guys, he really is good why? Cause he doesn't bet every fu#*ing possible game there is to bet. Sometimes that upets me lol because i'm a degenerate but unlike other sites where they push out 30 bets a day, Prez and all these guys on the weekdays, maybe push out 2 bets on a good day. maybe none. Bottom line Prez is not full of shit. and i like that. a rare commodity in this industry and i'm bored right now.---LOL i dont' think i've watched an Arizona game start to finish since they played the Steelers in the Super Bowl. LOL.


2 mins 4 secs i was lost in Prez's salt and pepper.

Dan Kephart 

Lol people too distracted by Kelly on here to understand what they are actually saying. This is a first look guys. THEIR FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Lines move. Injury Reports come out. Do your research or pay instead of just hoping that free picks on Tuesday will help you profit. This has been very helpful for me for Pickem on Draftkings. And they are also a good view into what could be happening during the games in my NFL lineups. Thanks Prez and thanks Kelly.

JamieJo Sobering 

Your daily cold Brew by Prez! Aloha :)

JamieJo Sobering 

Prez looks like a Very Cold Canadian wearing his ear muffs & his fleece jacket LOL..especially next to Kelly in her tank top!!

Chandavy Liek 

No scared prez. Pats -2.5 I’ll take it. Pats running the table the rest of the year.

Proper 12 

Kelly can you do the next seg in a bikini

Chris Osty 

I live in Binghamton NY is there any Legal Betting site i can use to bet online without getting in trouble? Also watch you guys every week. THX for the entertainment!

Chim Richalds 

Still quiet af ... 😂. Let's get it together over here

Luke Lacasse 

I agree with you Prez. The guys comments are redaculous about Kelly. She is a handicapper. Treat her as such. Who gives a fuck what she is wearing.

Manuel Serrano 

Great show Prez and Kelly!

1. Prez, what is your teaser play this week? Jumped on your teaser last week and have also been buying your picks for the past 3 weeks-- Straight money moves lol Are you selling it on WT or posting it somewhere?

2. Fuck yes on the idea of the show.

P.S. Coffee is for closers

szs voc 

aint buyin shit gn

Ernesto Marroquin 


M O 

Here for the lean backs. Carry on.

key West SUNSET 

Prez, I think it was Tampa that Fired defensive coordinator Mike Smith (formely ATL HC).

key West SUNSET 

I love Minnesota this week. Defense has quietly come into it's own after getting torched first half of season and zim has no intention of getting beat by another rookie qb this season.

Vikings now lead league in defense 3rd down percentage with 25%

Agree 100% with Prez, vikings coming into their own right now.

Vikings not looking ahead to Saints next week.

Vikings win 37-21

james LaManna 

can we get 10 mins of kelly just leaning back talking about anything? that being said good job as always (ignoring tech issues). love the entertainment value. people need to realize this is all conversation and just meant to be informative, not a bible on what to play down to the line.

C Habben 

What’s the point of the show if it’s not your real picks?


great show kelly!


Prez  cashed 2 more best bets this past weekend. Saturday my play was USC-7 VS Colorado W 31-20  Sunday my play was Chargers bet them earlier in the week when they were -1 vs Browns. the line closed +1 game time I got the worse of the line but it didn't matter as the Chargers blew out the Browns 38-14. I'm now sitting with Best Bets for the Season 14-1-0. everything is clicking right now. of course I can't keep this up forever but while the getting is good keep on getting? 4 decades of handicapping and wagering I hit with Best Bets between 60-62% this Season 2date I'm at 93% everything is beautiful. Breeders Cup in 2 weeks. good luck 2 all!

Supur Man 

WagerTalkCoffee may be the best, as it builds your BRAND too. I can only speak for myself - i would like AND tune in to a Daily Pick Show, el Presidente. Best of Success in Everything.

Chris Hunter 

How many more imbeciles can we possibly get on Wagertalk making obscene/childish comments about Kelly? Friggin' losers...

Bart DePalma 

The word in South Florida is Tannehill will be out a couple more weeks and Osweiler should play against DET. Forget HOU and CLE and instead recall DEN Osweiler under Gase. Gase knows how to put Osweiler in positions to succeed and Brock is very experienced in this offense. HOU had good reason to pay DEN Osweiler. As Matt Patricia knows from his NEP days, MIA is very tough at home, especially in the South Florida heat and humidity. MIA should pull out another close one. MIA 27, DET 24.