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James Delabar 

well done clear and concise, am doing the same on a 67' scout 800, 266 v8..I would love to get the part number from your radiator hose fixture that sits on top of the modified thermostat housing, mine is a center flow radiator and have clearance issues with putting on the upper hose,changing out the radiator and radiator fill tube might be the answer as opposed to fabricating an adapter to fit the stock fill tube to radiator..Cheers.

Alain Lutz 

Your video is just remarquable and very interesting, thank for it.

Jeremy Woodland 

Thanks for the video, was scratching my head about the temp sensor, good solution.Did you notice that the orientation of the shaft compared to the rotor is different between the stock and dui distributors. Stock rotor lines up with the blade end of the shaft, dui is about 20 degrees off the blade on the shaft, I guess they have compensated for this, I will find out in a couple hours when I fire mine up. Super tight fit. Thanks again.