NEW Vocal Pitstop Videos in 2018 | #DrDan ⏱


Every Friday I’ll be releasing short quick-fire videos designed to inspire your vocal development with educational reminders, inspirational quotes and suggestions to review instructional material.

Each Pitstop video will be less than 2 minutes long so it won’t take up too much of your time. But I promise to jam-pack each pitstop video with helpful hints, tricks and tips to help you achieve your vocal goals in 2018 and beyond.

This means that during 2018, I’ll be presenting at least three times a week here on YouTube. You can join me for a LIVE Hangout on Mondays at 2pm AEST. Then on Wednesday I post an in-depth video about a whole range of subjects including voice care, vocal pedagogy and practical singing exercises. And now on Friday’s I’ll be dropping these pitstop videos that will be carefully crafted to encourage and motivate your vocal development journey.


Welcome to Voice Essentials where everybody sings. Each week we upload new videos purposefully des...

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Michaela Alcordo 

This is great!!! Can't wait to see your vids in 2018! :)

voltaire balagtas 

Dr. Dan, I have a question. Throughout my life people has said that I have a beautiful voice and sing pretty well but it sounds like there's something blocking my mouth. I've had some trainers who would say open your mouth more when I literally feel like I'm just shouting. Do you think it is because of big tonsils?

v sk 

Dr Dan I am just 19,but my voice comes thick like 30 years.whenever I speak my voice is comes with tension and it is unpleasant and getting more base in my voice.please tell me how to thin my voice to sing better...hope u will solve my problem..

Bartek Pekala 

Good idea :) everything in order. I Just regret being likely to miss a lot of your hangouts due to time difference. Will do my best to participate as many of them as possible though. All the best to you and your wife!

Luckytube2930 Official Channel 

Hi Dr.Dan I just followed your tips on singing and Got me a Job in Music. I was rejected before but your tips really Helped me Improve. Thanks very Much. Happy New Year!

Chris Garner 

Can you do a video series on the importance of breathing through you noise? My formally college teacher told me to sing through my noise,


Looking forward to this series, Dan!

Karl R 

Very good idea, the pitstop videos! Excited for the new year!

Linda Dalton 

Wow! Unstoppable Dr Dan!

Great to see the Pit Stops coming back, they are excellent.😃

Åslög Dahl 

Great! Looking forward to learn more from you in 2018!