New look high tech US $100 bill rolls off the presses


A glitzier, high-tech version of America's 100 dollar bill, a currency note that often conjures images of financial status, is rolling off the presses and will be headed for wallets soon.

Despite years of production-related delays, the updated 100 US dollar bill has undergone a major makeover that includes a colour-changing ink well, 3-D security ribbon, and more texture on Benjamin Franklin's collar.

The new, more expensive C-note is scheduled to enter circulation on Oct. 8 and also has a higher calling: It aims to fight back against counterfeiters by using better printers and technology.

The modifications will help people check for fake banknotes without going to a bank or using a blacklight, said Michael Lambert, a deputy associate director at the Federal Reserve.

"The 3D security ribbon is actually I think a very cool and interesting feature, because it actually draws the public's interest to the banknote so that they can be looking more carefully to protect themselves from any...

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