New Skill OSRS, He Makes A Huge Mistake OSRS, New Jagex Update


New Skill OSRS, He Makes A Huge Mistake OSRS, New Jagex Update

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Gyre Panda 

I want sailing

For Tis 

Why not a skill based on minigames?


What music is his outro


Lmfao all his stats 98


soul wars , dungeoneering and summoning, and pvp armours yes

Gabriel Lanier 

i would like to see enchanting

Chris Peery 

Bring back fist of guthix! I honestly think it’ll be too hard for them to bring another skill into the game that falls in sync with quest , other skills , economy and most importantly the osrs fan base.


Duudes imagine PVP sailing. A part of the ocean where it's like the wildy, but instead of clans there will be crews. and tons of booty.

Everyone must wear the pirate clothes, eat limes, swab the poopdeck, plunder the booty, sing shanties, wield scimitars, blast the other ship with cannonballs before swinging on via ropes

Norbit Rice 

Soul Wars was more fun then any of the bullshit skills they added

Nehad Osmani 

Dungeoneering would be lit af, imagine getting a rapier without having to pay 100m+

ouroboros o 

Would have legit saved like 50k fire runes if that rune pouch update was in play 6 months ago

Its Wugz 

Can we please not have another skill

auto kuningas 

Why chance osrs they created 07 version because it was best without any pointless skills or anyother useless shit now they adding more shit to it? Its no longer 07version its just shit with 07 graphics

Chest Brah 

soul wars? pls

tim sherry 

New prayers like soul split


Mixing construction, crafting, smithing and sailing could make a whole new economy. Shipbuilding and modifying

Skurp Slizzer 

welding skill

i smoke weed Bra 

please give sailing. would be the coolest thing ever.


Make sailing a wood and plank sink


I want melee bosses

Onyx Ghost 

Sailing is not a good idea period.

Adam Everill 

They should bring back fist of guthix

Josh Emerton 

Deadset, bring in Artisan. I'd love that.

Josh Emerton 

"There's never been a new skill". Bitch please, I remember when Slayer, Hunting and Farming were added.


Soul wars? Would love that


song at 8:37?

Trailer Freak 

I want a effigys in game. So i can get rc up.


"What I want the most is RS3 bosses" - Boaty

Hamad Al-Badr 


7th Saiyan 

Sailing sounds sick af


shout out to my mate xepictacosx scrub ironman but decent black chinner

Luke Nolan 



a new skill is the beginning of the end... again...


No sailing


They should first make skilling more usefull and profitable again. Skilling now is just pay for xp most of the time. People tend to pvm for the money or items they need than just buy certain 99s or requitements.


I'd much rather have summoning than dungeoneering.. Dungeoneering is a glorified minigame and has no need to be a skill

A D 

ive got an idea to make fair for free2players

the salling skill should be for free2play that will allow you to go to membership islands or places but to make it fair it would maybe cost allot of GP or needs a lot of leveling

tbh they really need to balance a bit more for the free2play at least just some (my opinion)

Kyle Z 

We want sailing!!!

cameron martin 

9:10 how is sick nerd wielding a kraken tent??

cebrail onlu 

Stealing Creation And Fist Of Guthix Minigames Make It Happen.


Lol osrs is literally turning into rs3 without the graphics change.

Lonan Keane 

Tbh no new skill should ever be added to the game

Batman's Pet Goldfish 

Dungeoneering. Fun as fuck. Idc if they give rewards for it. The game mode was so fun.

Hunter Iron Boulder 

B0aty wants Telos lol

Mr. Turtle 

i hope we get sailing


lol sounds horrible


Song at 1:28?


teleports make sailing obsolete but it would be cool to have ship battles and un mapped islands

Kyle Bielecki 

Can we get a running tally of "let's go" and "boys"...


I'd have Dungeoneering honestly. Was very fun and different. Hopefully rewards will be just and also worthwhile. My opinion though 😊