NEW RIMS & TIRES!! - Hellcat Replicas & 275s!


Finally time for new wheels and tires! Got some 20 inch gloss black Hellcat replicas! Loving the setup and it's really a huge difference from having the old stock wheels.

Gloss Black 20x10 Hellcat Reps:

Gloss Black 20x9 Hellcat Reps:

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Will you rub if you lower on this setup? Thinking about replicating this setup but i plan on lowering because the wheel gap is horrible looking


Is this the stock stance?

Eugene Holmes 

Can I still use my original lug nuts from the stock wheels onto those or get a new setup because of the replica?

ß.ß. Héɱî η Jét͡s 

Destroy/ed mine in about a month. —-> 275’s on them now. and it’s badass vs yours


will it work on a 2006 charger as well?

Tavo Sanchez 

It’s not letting me ask on ig so I’ll ask on here. I recently got a charger and the rims it came with when I bought are 24’s and they’re just too big. So my question is how much were the rims you have on yours? And what color recommendations do you have? My charger is a black 07 hemi so I don’t know if black on black would be good or chrome?

Itz Funk Season 

Just bought a set today online. Hopefully i can get them put on very soon!

Cam MOPAR Campbell 

Nice setup

paulino xiquin 

How much did it cost you 😭👌🏾

Whoa Weezy 

Looks awsome im getting some for my 11 charger rt by march

Frankie Duran 

just a heads up for all v6 charger owners who want rims.. DONT GET A 20x10.5 rim they WILL rub on the front suspension. Found out that my SRT10 reps are 20x10.5 not 20x9.5 so it's a big difference when getting them to fit properly on the front.

joshua redden 

Hey man. I like it a lot. How’s the power. Is there any of a decrease?


Do you think 315 35 40s would fit on the back... srt8s run them wonder if they'd fit on the 3.5 liters?

jousey junior 

dude i got the same exact car, thats how i found you, i got 295 in the rear and 265 in the front, my tires are fucking huge. i cant do big burn outs cause of the massive grip i get


I'm getting rid of my viper reps for these a more modern look too but I think my rt can handle a 315

Michael M. 

Just a suggestion. If you've got 10.5 in the rear p275 is it to small. The correct size are p315 35 r20. I just put these on my Hellcat this is the way to go. Look at the pictures again and you'll see the rear tires are stretched. That is dangerous you should really change that

Crunsher Boy 

Hey Marspeed , your wheels are nice ! Staggered setup look always nice ! Can you confirm me if the wheels depth are in the back are 20x10.5 and in front 20x9.5 ?

Thanks in advance !

Charles Rantin 

Black rims are ok in right color combo. But black rims are UGLY. Just guys too lazy to clean.

nick Tx 

Thinking about getting these for my 08 super bee


Are those the 20x9? Rim size?


how much did you get the rims for? I'm looking for the same exact rims for my car

No one. 

How wide are those rims with offset?

Enrique Escudero 

Do tou have you car dropped with those wheels?

Hamza Anjum 

Hey marspeed I just got 20 inches rims and I got same model charger like you but they won't fit since there is bolt control or something blocking it


How much did it cost for the wheel set + tires? Im only on "16 Rockstar car rims that i had for a while and looking to change.

Jeoffry Ross 

Why do you say the charger has a different bolt pattern? All LX are 5x115 bolt pattern.

They look like reps too. I watched the video to see how Hellcat wheels fit and if spacers had to be used like the gen1 SRT wheels. I think you slurred the work reps in there

Jim H. 

Very, very nice!  The gloss black rims look nicer than the dull, flat-plasti-wrapped black. IMO. It even looks slightly "Slammed" because of the 40 profile Lil' Fatty, tires.  They truly fit perfect and come right out to edge of top fender without sticking out---good job !  Overall, tasteful mods (Black N' Red Theme) and you keep making it more and more your own as you go along.


OH wow you have the same tires that came on my 08 RT their awesome tires (mine had zero tread when I bought the car but still drove it for 4 months before getting new tires)


This car looks fucking sick dude!!!!! Get some springs for it!!!! You're making me regret getting a 2009 Wrx... Chargers are just so damn sexy. I don't know your budget but I know i couldn't afford coil overs right after my wheels but save up for some good lowered suspension and dude this thing is gonna be such a sick daily driver.

Overbuilt Gaming 

To much gap between the wheel and fender. Install a Mopar super track pak suspension if you want better handling and stopping.

shannon booker 

How much did they cost each?

Jay Tonry 

Right on !! Car looks great, i might have to copy this look, lol




I want hellcat replicas bad but I have an AWD so I have to have a 55mm offset. That offset kills the "dish" look of the wheels.


Nice what was the price?

William Prewitt 

I put a set of those hellcat replica rims on my 2011 charger r/t, I got dull black. They make the paint pop. My color on my charger is toxic orange.

Mae-Lin Delange 

Pretty 😍😍

Kel Raphiel 

all you need now is the srt hood and bumper

Hussien Al-Abdallah 

very nice car

Miguel T 

The ride looks great man!

Nopal 458 

You should lower it an inch.


What a hottie 🔥

MrPhantom X 

Is it me or are the back tires a bit smaller then the front tires ?


Hate that style of charger. But... Now... Man that looks good. Real sharp looking car man. Heck yeah.

Rafael Lopez 

That looks soooo beautiful marspeed!!!!!

john brown 

That's clean Bro


Get a 5.7 hemi crate engine for about 3k slap it on that thing

jay mindyah 

Oh that's sexy. Loving the rims man. Wow

Luis Torres 


Angel Santos 

I like the way it's coming along , my thing with that model years 05-10 was the Ram emblems never made sense to me. I always liked the Mopar emblems to replace them. All in all nice mod with the wheel and tires! 👌🏼