New Kid in Town (Eagles 2013 Remaster)


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New Kid in Town (Eagles 2013 Remaster) · Eagles

Hotel California (Remastered)

℗ 1976 Asylum

Producer: Bill Szymczyk

Guitar: Don Felder

Percussion, Vocals: Don Henley

Guitar: Joe Walsh

Bass Guitar: Randy Meisner

Writer: Don Henley

Writer: Glenn Frey

Writer: J D Souther

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Dicky Ball 

1976, fond memories.

Dicky Ball 

Felder was the Eagles.

Joselito Enriquez 

Great America Again

hank fontaine 

2 sides Ch


For some reason this song makes me want to sit on the porch on a hot summer day, drinking whiskey... well fireball whiskey lol.

Kevin Kerber 

This comfort food song is like getting an emotional B-12 shot.

This live version is just as tight as what they ship on the record. All completely live and mixed clean.

No choreography, no stage design, no wardrobe.

And how they modify the recorded fade version into this live resolve- Soo-frickin-perb!

Sorry Lebowski, love those Eagles.

Robert Fuller 

I truly believe this is one of their best songs. It just touches me in the right way.

Sunflower Samurai 

I'm 17 and have work at 6 it's 5:11 I unload containers but good music is good music God help me today

Jemmy Markus 

Who listen it now? February 18 2019

Yongmin Huh 

Such a pretty song


Slow dancing with my college girlfriend Irene B. Great memories and yes I should have married you.

Sanj Verma 

Glad to have been around in a generation where the music was the best performed by the most talented musicians we will ever see, in any lifetime!

Mark Ward 

Some songs are just Masterpieces, this is one.

Leonides Cortinas 

Me gusta !

Henry DeTamble 

These guys were amazing. Simple beauty.

Graciela Perez Napoles 

Hermosa canción. Nunca pasa de moda

Tarek Elghawi 

When music was music

Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT 

Izzy loves rock 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1976.

Angel whispers 

Hopeless we go again



From 3:40 to the end of the song when they are all singing in unison, I think if God lined up 100 Angels to sing this it wouldn’t sound any better than the Eagles’ rendition! The harmonies are out of this world!!

Bailey Schwan 

I listen to this every single day. Definitely my favorite Eagles song!! And that is saying something, I love them all.

Jeffrey Richardson 

scott and his laurie

sit back be sorry and think

rotten fish the stink

Jeffrey Richardson 

jody and michael

christmas club new bicycle

doug the icicle

Ellen Coleman 

When music was simply great and not so separate we all grew up together we all had the same fun never came home til the street lights had simple dreams of no one moving I'm a black woman who loves the Eagles, kiss, Meatloaf, willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Rappers Delight lol My Mom was from Omaha and music had no color!!! I miss those days

Cristian Ore 

Gran temon

willieboy3011 Jonas 

More than any other song, this one wraps around my memory. Just back from overseas in 1976 walking into a basketball game with my parents. Mom a teacher and so proud of me. And I had become a total stranger to my home. A new kid in town.

Gaston Inostroza Escobar 

Good Music.....this cover is awesome....

Bryan Owens 

I love the harmonizing in this song.



David Zarate 

La rola de mi funeral

Steve Anderson 

What a great song...In fact Glen Frey was great. So many memories.

Luis Macias 

My best song.el especial un grato .un pasado muy hermoso. Y te arriba juarez

Scott Burton 

Arguably one of their best songs!

Annie Simmons 

I live for 1:12

Lee Garber 

I like their music more now than back good wine...gets better with time...

Robert Turinia 

you are a high risk assignment

Rudy Collasso 

Is my song

Noble Wolf 

So many great memories


I'm a millennial and this is sooo much better than the trash on the radio these days.

Nobody can harmonise like that anymore, it's magic.

Rosa Maria Alarcon 

Me encanta esta canción tan hermosa

John Logan 

Their first pop tune. Believe it.

José Higino da Silva 


Jose antonio ACEVES BAEZ 



It's those restless hearts that never mend.

Rusty Shackleford 



One of the best from THE BEST.

Jose antonio ACEVES BAEZ 

Everybody IS talking 2019 A lot of kiids .De have to do the better things

Jose antonio ACEVES BAEZ 

Everybody IS talking 2019 A lot of kiids .De have to do the better things

Jose antonio ACEVES BAEZ 

Looking es waybbbbbbicyx


Mike Perez 

Classic all the way..