New Hampshire is Too White


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Topics:  Society

I think what they want is to make white people a minority in most of the white countries. They wanna destroy us. But im not going down without a fight.

Patrick O'Donnell 

This is also why they are attacking and trying to bring down cops at every turn. To take their power away and ability to police the white neighborhoods that are protecting those people from alot of inner city unsavory people from coming in there and doing more home invasions and car jackings, and selling drugs there etc. Take away the cops and they would try to over run white suburban people, no doubt. Ethnic cleansing. People like Pelosi and Shumer support that kind of thing because they work directly for George Soros and Bloomberg and those types on the side when they're not acting like politicians who are supposed to be working for and caring about the American people, all of the American people.

Memes Epidemic 


Sebastian Castro 

Saying that New Hampshire is way too white it's like saying Africa is way too black, or Japan is to Asian. This topic is stupid and unnecessary.

Michael Gallegos 

Look, diversity really isn’t that much of a good thing. I’m Hispanic and all the very diverse areas here in the Southwest are very high in crime. I mean the New England area are almost entirely white and are some of the safest states in the country

Lucifer is the Prince Jesus is the King 

The Jews can't have an ethno Aryan white state. That interferes with the plan. When are these Jews going to start being wanted and missing?

Memes For America 

Massive fax

Bonnie Parker 

These states are very liberal minded. Import a bunch of nonwhites and watch as they turn ruby red❤️

Yard Sale Dale 

It’s a White country. Anyone else camping out here are squatters.

Yeah Sev 

That’s a completely racist statement

Caucasian Pride USA 

Don't worry buddy white people woke up to all this anti-white rhetoric. Things will change now

Parsifal Von Vaterland 

Diversity means chasing the last white person down

issaan jimmy 

NH is perfect, leave it the heck alone.

Michael Hodson 

Looks like I'm moving to New Hampshire

luc cote 

I live in Manchester NH and it's definitely not to White any more . And yes the crime rate has increased in the last ten or so years . Also overdose rate one of the highest in the country for the amount of people .

Jon W 

I can recall this kid at college from Tibet or something complaining about how rural and white NH pissed me off because he was obviously being anti white.


If it's white it aint right!

Sláva Smrti 

Not White enough


Hopefully the cold will keep the riff raft out.


There’s still Indians in the 7-11s in New Hampshire.

Faust 23 

Good economy, great schools, extremely low crime rate, and predominantly White, coincidence?

Guess we'll see how long it all lasts once "diversity" takes over.....


I live in NH and make guns for Sig Sauer and I’m lovin it.

Can we get 1 million subs without any videos? 

Why am I tan and I was born in New Hampshire

Josh Shaw 

Does anyone know why NH is so white ?????

The cops are all racist, bored sheep fuckers with lots of spare time to keep it as white as possible.

And what they can't imprison, the narcotics epidemic takes care of !!

This entire state is corrupt and those in power keep it that way on purpose.

Trust and believe it !

Edith Callaway 

Too White so what.

Mr Gilmore 

No such thing as too white

Walter Null 

New Hampshire is perfect as is let it alone!

Jim Griffin 

I remember when we were 98% white

b b 

New Hampshire is mostly white, but the majority of those whites are Irish. The Irish historically doesn't like invaders and deal with them accordingly.

Wayne Sigmon 

I believe Jeb Bush a pretty good guy but Trump stands up for the military and the police without the military in our police terrorist and the crooks would come out terrorize us that's why I believe in the 2nd Amendment

david nichols 

World situation in seven words: Someone wants to ruin everything that's good.

Megasladon :D 

let the darn "white" people have a home too

Winged Hussar 

The American Progressive movement is off the deep end and then some. Crazy racists.

Mark Davis 

Actually NH is full of black heroin dealers. That should make liberals happy.

John Knowles 

Leave New Hampshire alone there's too many people here as it is


and they call white people racist. its a ploy. the left and liberal media want people to think "whites" are racist and that they are the enemy of anyone who is not. it's creating a big divide in this country. as a matter of fact i feel there is more racism now then there was when i was younger and i grew up in the inner city. i was a little white girl who had many black and Hispanic friends. my stepfather was a dark skinned Dominican/Puerto Rican. i certainly didn't grow up being a racist but now just because I'm a white Republican I'm automatically labeled as one.

Ani Murphy 

Good points

Tyler Durden 

No such thing, white pride

Tommy Truth 

Don't worry, as soon as we have the next Democrat in the White House, he or she will import illegals and middle eastern refugees into N.H. and that "problem" will be solved.

Death Larsen 

This is so demoncraps can change the voting demographics so they can get power a Fuk you to everyone else

sherekhanthebadasstripod omg 

Wow aren't they going to bit far nik and pick which states is the whites unbelievable minority needs to get a life!

Dee Devlin 

Oh these animals are bitching for 100% monkey I promise you. Everywhere you look every city in America is inundated with these Apes they're still not satisfied. And they won't be until it happens... welcome to Planet of the Apes people coming 2 a town near you very soon

Live Evil 

If what he said should go for the USA too, then America should be dominated by native Americans not Caucasians like he's trying to imply....

Joseph Selkow 

New Hampshire is offensive to immigrants? Saudi Arabia would be offensive to me SO I DON'T LIVE THERE.

Can't find enough Spanish speakers? Then PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH.


michael roach 

Bad idea,New Hampshire.Very bad idea.I understsnd that you might feel guilty because New Hampshire is "too white",but get over your guilt feelings.Diversity should not be forced on any group of people. If the "leaderz" of the business community think diversity is so wonderful,they should spend slme time in mire"diverse"areas,and see if that's something that will help or hurt their state.

JJ Bish 

New Hampshire is one of the most sane states in the union and they love their guns and freedom. This movement towards forced diversification is dead in the water there.

scott b 

New Hampshire is too white? GOOD!!!

Mia Lynn 

Africa is too black? China is too yellow?

Dale Allen 

Correct , Doc !

Globalist Hunter 

"Land of the White" Sounds wonderful. I'd bet big that it is an amazing place. Sign me up.