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- In this video you will see A NEW HELICOPTER GLITCH WITH THIS GLITCH YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GO RIGHT ON TOP OF THE MAP!! you will be able to fly 10 TIMES higher!! This can help you with wins and characters and more! Expect more glitches and Hopefully you enjoy please like, comment, and subscribe to become part of the ninja team!!:D


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Braking becomes breaking


Is this still patched?


why are you so against putting me down as founder...


this doesnt work - helicopter malfunctions - dont try it dudes

oowar titties 

Lol cheating dogs


Your mom becomes gay

Bret Allen 

Ok, you guys...... haha

David Russell 

I didn't know ppl with rocket could still lock on

Aresan Hunter 

Haha. Look at that Glitch 😂


You are the soul reason bo4 will die your welcome scum

PoGey PrInCe 

Here’s a glitch I had happen to me. I already contacted treyarch about it https://youtu.be/gKvIsHk5wq4


i am actually the founder of this. someone else is founder of afyerpatcj but i found original fly out and under map method

kyle mccann 

Works, just tried it! Very easy to do actually

OoZodiackOo Yassine 

Risk Bann?

Rhys Jones 

guys there was an update today but alli know is the out the mappart does still work gonna try the other now


I found this ages ago and thought I was the only person to know! You can go under the map aswell. I've already reported to treyarch though

That Duck 

Will I get banned doing this in a public match

Push F5 

Make sure you suscudge for more!

Johnathan Rusch 

It just worked for me in a solo public match on ps4 so they have not patched this yet

laudimere baldo 

Why go back into the map why not just stay outside and let circle kill everyone

Greyson Scott 

Its hell even trying to get a helicopter. I only know one helicopter location and its always a hard fight for it.

Kyle Stouffer 

I kept blowing up before I could get high enough outside the map

Marc Tav X 

Heard the stupid black music and closed the video asap FU K YOU

PARTY agario 

I new this a long time ago

Nico AH 

Think they patched it. There is a new invisible wall where my heli exploded two times

Michael Caldwell 

I invited this game and fortnight


Does it still work?!


You sound like Kermit the frog

Chris p 

cool! I didn't even now the glitch existed


Awesome! I’ve been looking for cool glitches like this because I haven’t won yet.

Omar Alexis 

Does it work in public?


He is not the founder this person isWatch "BO4 Blackout - out and underneath blackout w/ helicopter" on YouTube


UKGamer Elite 

This doesn’t work in game only in custom

tim o'brien 

I give blackout a 7.5 pushing 8 but so many inconsistencies to where I can’t rate it higher 😑😞 if everything worked I’d hands down give it a 9 but unfortunately there’s too many glitchy aspects to the game in its current state for me to rate it any higher then that. Sometimes you can’t loot and then you die trying to get it to work, fun fights are always inconsistent. The servers are always booting me and my friends. They need more camps and characters already. I have had all the skins for a while now and I’m growing bored just going for high kill games and getting nothing from it. I need an objective to make it interesting again. Back when I was hunting for woods I was both angry and having a blast lol come on trey arche get to it!

Ale Games 

Faça isso no online porque no personalizado da de boas quero ver no online


it can’t do on quads right?


Blackout glitch and plays with shadowman..... my soul hurts

Aixros YT 

How do u stop malfunctioning in the end game?

EBdiamond Ryan 

I'm subbing to any one who subs back

Fille Gitana 

Very good, the word is braking, breaking

Abraham Jb 


Hermies Gamer 

Nice video bro. I am a little late but congrats on 8k subs👍

Coozed Up Gypsy 

Only works in custom game

XLimiT PlayeR 

I always explode while getting back to the map!!😤

Mull Gold 

And how can i make place 1 ?

Christopher Massey 



Does this work on ps4? I switch seats back to driver but countdown dnt stop


great video silent


Can you take a boat under the map?

I masoud l 

You are great ❤️ احبك