Neil Sedaka Calendar Girl

Amanda Rice 

Calendar Girl 1993 starring Jason Priestley brought me here

todd goslin 

Great song although I get the impression he’d rather be singing about calendar boy.

Briams Acuña 


Julio Peinado 

Yodeling Kid's Dad.


Music back then was soo innocent and pure now days it’s a bunch of half naked women twerking or what ever these young wippasnalpers do.

Austin Leonard 

This is way better then this generation’s crappy music! I love the 60’s style of things!!

Jett Carlburg 

Scopitones were music videos before there were music videos



Bradley Last Name is Blank 

American women weren't so obese and chunky back then.

ee dube 

Is the august girl still a beauty?



Morgan Wright 

this song go hard dont @ me

Sara H.H 

I'm disappointed in myself for discovering him through Jeffrey Dahmer

Pablo Rivera 

this song brought more a55 than a public toilet to Neil Sedaka, that probably is why he got bored of women...

Kaitlyn Kim 

I came because of my dance class

Allison Burke 

I’m here too drool over Neil and because I love his music can’t stop singing along. Man the August model was quite racy for the time what the heck was on her head though lol. I’d understand if she had a snorkel and mask.

александр иночкин 

super track. = alex.ukraine

Samuel Boundy 

I'm here by accident.

Bluddy Brilliant 

I love I love I love these gorgeous gals :-))

El Grande 

the big bang Theory brought me here


I love old US POP at before beatles come to usa.

Anyway he look like psychopath.

Wayne Doyle 

neil,s dancing is so cute


musica bostaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Akash Patel 

Big bang theory. Brought me here

shaunie O'Connor 

my nan and pa's wedding song <3


Dobrá práce.

Ange Ortiz Felix 

PLEASE ANY Comments. BE Especially. THANK YOU....

DJ's Life TV 

This is being used on RJ Sunday Jam of the Music Genius and my friend. Ramon Pereyra Jacinto or RJ Jacinto every Sunday on his TV Station RJTV (Formerly 2nd Avenue) and it can be heard on his FM Station RJFM 100.3! I am a Proud Viewer of the Mainman! #RJJacintoForever

Lisa Carroll 

Thanks a million and blessings a rewards.

Steven Cresswell 

haha the girls are having so much fun because the artist is a 'mo and wont hit on them hahaha

Carlos Cabrera 

Deadpool? really? I was most amazed by sh!t language and fights rather than soundtracks. Btw this song is really nice.

Benjamin Berlinsky 

This song is fucking banging. Deadpool is gay...and Neil Sedaka looks like Ted Cruz.

Ange Ortiz Felix 


Chongtham R. 

Big Bang brought me here. What a delightful song!

lyssy Salinas 

I grew up listening to this, my grandpa would blast Neil Sedaka at 1 am in the morning 🖤 he really helped develop my music taste 🖤 I miss him so much 🖤

G J 

Fuckin quality. Innocent undressed music. Not some shite from some fucked up drugged up precious snowflakes. These guys like Sedaka laid the foundations for your shit that we get today.

G J 

No cocksucker..I'm her to see and listen to Neil Sedaka

Smritilekha Chakraborty 

Heard this song in my childhood & completely forgot the name. Then I heard it in BBT (Big Bang Theory). And boom! I'm here..


Does anyone know who Miss August is? Beautiful and sexy woman. I'd be interested in knowing about her life.

thanks for reading this i like cats 

Amy and Howard :) bbt

Doogie N.D. 

Suddenly, I like the month of August.


I love how Neil always had a beautiful jolly smile



Capt Larry - 

Now I have to gouge my eyes out !

Ason Corazon 

Question is...

How did Neil change his clothes so fast?

Thomas Garbe 

unforgotten. Good fun!

IThinkWithMy Dick 

Praise for those who designed and made those outfits!


I like how his clothes change through the video

Joseph Kane 

Angela McLeod Will Always Be My Very Own Calendar Girl for every day of the year

John Jurkewicz 

I love listening to Great songs like is and I love it