Navigator of the Seas Nightmare Cruise to Major Refurbishment For 2019


Navigator of the Seas Nightmare Cruise to Major Refurbishment For 2019 Royal Caribbean has just announced a new refurbishment for the Navigator of the Seas. $115 million will be spent on the ship to add the longest waterslides on the seas. With the recent drama on the North Altlantic upset passengers, and the British Media all over the cruise line, this announcement will hopefully allow the company to focus attention away form the damaged cruise liner and highlight the new look of the ship. #navigatoroftheseas #royalcaribbean #cococay

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Geoffrey Martin 

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Geoffrey Martin 

De nada Bruce. Your comments are interesting. Keep up the good work!

Geoffrey Martin 

Vigo in Spain it's not vee Jo it's vee go


Thank you Bruce

kodi oliver 

Our lifes were put at risk and we should all get a full refund!



Vivienne Clark Nicholson 

Newspapers said 150 million fit

Mike Fitzpatrick 

According to Seascanner Navigator is currently 7 hours out of Lanzarote travelling towards Vigo. How come?

bonnie bergstein 

I think I prefer the ship missing a stabilizer & with a hole in the hull!! You couldn’t pay me to get on those roller coaster water slides!!

Princess - take me away!!

Life's Hobbies And Happenings 

Hi they are limping us home at this very minute, I wondered if that’s what it is limping the final cruises on this ship without spending much, do they can get it in to refurb. We are now at sea until Monday 5:30am in Southampton, to me that’s a long time at sea😫


I hope it's not just Paint & Polish. And Johnny Rockets was never that good...

frank rotondo 

I ll wait

Debbie Gavazzi 

We just got off Mariner of the Seas. Beautiful ship, but with Royal doing these 3 and 4 day cruises on these large ships, you never find time to see the entire ship. Plus, there is only so many times you can go to Nassau, without becoming bored out of your mind with that port. I think it was our 7th time when we went, and we just got off, took some photos of the ships in port, and got back on. We did the same, when we were on the MSC Divina.

Robert Brant 

thanks for keeping us up to date