My Final Games Before Season 8!


Some chill ranked doubles for you guys. I hope you enjoy!

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Ant Z 

Camera, deadzone and sensitivity settings?

Limachello _ 

Season 8 is already here?

Jaxon Davis 

Fluump I love ur vids


So is it pronounced fluump or fluump?

Gonzalo Larrosa 

At first look... i`m out of the season :( gg :c


Why'd you only put in games you won if it's your final games. Cause I kicked your ass, why isn't it here?


5:30 fairy peak playing rocket league...


aaarrrggghhh fluump ur boost management

I W 

still on right now lol

Ethan Rothstein 


Tristan Dizzo 

I DID IT! I got Champ rewards Just in time!

Never been champ before, but before the new season I knew being so close that I had to get Champ. Spent 3 sweaty days of grind but I got it!

Now, I hear the champ reward kinda sucks...



CIS region squad where you at?? (i am the only person here)

Corey Simmons 

Dont talk smack about oceanic

Dylan lol 

17:55 “league play and like LAND”


that laugh at 3:50 tho

Dustin Bradford 

What if you could have a ball skin, that could go with a new ball sound


I didint start playing comp till about 2 days ago but I got to silver so its fine

Austin Vaughan 

Are you on PC?? Or console, bc I’m on PS4 and I’m champ 1/ diamond 3 as well


Watching you leave the ball to go get a big boost when you have 79 makes me so so sad :(


Your thumbnail lied to me

Adam Robertson 

We demand more videos of you two playing together! You guys are hilarious


Hey Fluump, how about making a video addressing the fact that this game is COMPLETELY BROKEN right now. During the past week Psyonix has proudly introduced their new PERMA BOTS into casual mode, making solo queing in any formats unplayable. Perma bots are the perfect compliment to the quitting trolls who have plagued this game from the start. So basically you can only play ranked matches now, nothing just for fun online. But hey, the pig fuckers at Psyonix are releasing a new gambling crate tomorrow, so ALL IS WELL WITH ROCKET LEAGUE!!


Guys this game already broken

Tucker Maxwell 

does ur bro play with mouse and keyboard or controller?


Boys im late lemma make a jokeeeeee

These types of comments

Grizzlys TF 

The Gale Force roster got picked up by Dignitas

Mario Maisch 

Pick up some pads dude u always run all the way back!


Am I the ONLY portuguese here?

The Shadow_Blizzard 

How old if flump

JST Gamer 

The first game hurt me

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? 

I see from your playstyle that you dont trust your brother xD

Maltige Key 

14:55 should’ve said I’m Batman

Tony Manak 

Watching your videos for ages and have learnt from them and enjoyed them keep up the good work


Click in right stick to air roll left??? Who does that?

Thomas Vermeersch 

0:47 Fluump calls "Middle" gives Fluffy half a second before fluump starts to ballchase, fluffy gets a pass off middle, "Jeez, What are you doing?" lmao


If you didn’t ball chase so much you would run out of boost so quick. Not to mention you use it not stop even when it’s not necessary. I counted it literally takes your 14 seconds to use 100 boost

Noah Ochsenreither 

I'll say, I don't always like every video you put out (my problem, not yours), but every time I do watch a video of yours, your music selection is always great. Keep it up.


I just did my final matches and got my diamond rewards

The Beast 

you should play with a Speech Jammer on with Fluffy


Have u try using a ds4 on rocket league?


Control your boost usage, it triggers me D:

max rogozienski 

“The quality is my won’t change when I upload daily” smh straight lies

Nfizzy 13 

FLuuMP’s name is Bill?

D A 

I've never seen someone waste so much boost in my life

Justin Drawz 

17:22 I mean, it is made with the Unreal Engine

F!r3 W0rkS 

I got a fluump reset ;)


1v1 Rizzo!!


If this is diamond 3 almost champion, I can easily get champion I just need not to lag

Samet Göksu 

You drinking boost ;(


That commentator on 3:08 xD