My FIDM Experience & What I Wish I Knew Before Attending | VLOG LIFE | Nava Rose



Just a rant about my experience at FIDM and what I wish someone told me before attending. I hope these tips help you on your college journey!

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The Dude 

I got dismissed from fidm sf and I had the same transition issue. I am relieved to be able to relate to you lmao. I just re applied for my 4th quarter now in my third major haha. Lets hope this is my final decision on my major!! amazing content thank you.


Omg Cypress College! You must be close to where I am then lol.

Alex Salazar 

NO ONE SHOULD EVER GO TO THE FASHION PROGRAM AT CSU LONG BEACH!!!!!!!! The fashion program at CSU Long Beach is listed as a health and human service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck! It is not a part of the College of the Arts. It instead is a part of the College of Health and Human Services? Fashion has nothing to do with the mind or body, it has nothing to do with health, and it is not a human service. It is part of the Arts, just like art, movies, TV, music, design, electronic media and the theater. It is offensive, degrading and belittling to fashion and the fashion industry, for the fashion program at CSU Long Beach to be listed as a health and human service. Does CSU Long Beach not value fashion or is that school just too stupid to know what the hell fashion is? Are you making clothes for organs and neurons in the brain?

Alex Salazar 

Beneath universities and colleges and private schools and all those higher education institutions, LA Trade Tech, which is a community college, has a fashion design program.

Alex Salazar 

I did not know that Cal State Long Beach has a fashion program 🤔🤔🤔🤤🤤🤤.

Kayla Andres 

That’s good that they gave you everything. That means they spend the money you give them on the students. I think that’s great. It would be kinda annoying if I knew I was spending all that money and still had to buy my books and supplies lol

chiew chiew Bam 

What means FIDM ?

Jherome Slays 

waht conatcts do you wear

Janeth Olivia 

People have compared LA Trade Tech fashion classes as just as knowledgeable and they are wayyyy cheaper. I’m enrolling there in the fall and I’ve talked to people who have been to both and say LA Trade Tech was a better classroom experience

joseph duenas 



Went to FIDM 2003-2005 Graphic Design, definitely worth it. Network, Network, Network. In fact I still network and attend alumni events regularly.

Mimi A. Martinez 

I'm going to fidm rn for fashion design and everything you said is so so so true I'm lucky to have my parents helping me but making connections is honestly the #1 thing you need focus on if you attend fidm!

Aniya Monroe 

I loves this song!


I can totally agree I went the same experiences and school!

Jazz Jurado 

Do they have any classes to due with hair???


Nice tips thanks ❤️❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️

Diana Abarca 

I'm going to share my experience with FIDM.

I transferred from a community college that I attended for 2 years, sadly, only one class was transferred (English, like huh?). My 1st year was the OC campus, it was great, some classes were useless to me like art classes because I took various art classes in my previous college and I learned nothing new, except "yay, materials!" You don't need experience in sewing,, honestly I have never sewn before FIDM and I learned everything from scratch. When I moved to LA...please go to rate my professor prior to registering to any classes, some teachers I got were just awful, they were not teachers, teachers help and guide the student, they don't say "you are on your own, or go back a previous level" but some FIDM teachers do when you had a simple questions whose answer required a yes or no. My business of fashion teacher gave us a syllabus that wasn't even his class, maybe few assignments were similar but the due dates were off and I never got the p

patrice b 

where did you say your friend went??

Draco Gaming 


no p 

I have to choose a college. Should I choose FIDM?

The Osburns 

My daughter left Oklahoma when she was 22 and went to FIDM and let's just say her experience was not well she learned a lot but it was so expensive and she found out she could do it differently cheaper and get same education she is still out in California and working in the fashion industry and loves it so I guess that's all that matters but FIDM is just so expensive good luck to you and your career path blessings

Ariana Bernardez 

im stuck btw ucla and fidm because i wanna get a minor major of enturpurnership and a major of business marketing(spelled it wrong oops) but i wanna learn how to make sportswear and fidm is most likely gonna teach me but i wanna be a ceo not a manufactorer😣😣😣


Did I just see "RAGRETS" ?

Brianna Camacho Pietri 

What Fidm did you went? LA? San Francisco? Orange County? San Diego?

Jenny Tagle 

What was the name of the college your friend went to?

Yasmine and the Aliens. 

after fidma did you work in the industry?I have just finished my sewing course here and have just been sewing for myself and making youtube vids to document the journey ......


Lmao. I started at FIDM in summer 2016 and we still get our supplies, however we now have the option to opt out of getting supplies from the school. And i can't believe Nick Verrios was your teacher!

Carlisa McNee 

Do you regret going to fidm even if you weren't rich because I don't wanna pay that much student loans but I want to know is it worth it?

Carlisa McNee 

I want to go to fidm but it costs so much money does the other school you mentioned offer a cosmetology business program?

Autumn Nelson 

They came to school I'm going to scad instead tho

Aigoo Imnida 

This is so off topic but i love your make up! can you do a make up tutorial??

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising 

Thanks for sharing!



Carmel R. 

I'm sorry if this is harsh, but are you Asian?

Tiffany Vega 

Yes! I feel the same way about fidm! I just finished fashion design last December, and I'm graduating this June!


Very interesting video!

Katelyn Nicole 

I don't know if this will make your day brighter or not... Or perhaps make your youtube journey brighter...

But please don't stop making youtube videos. Especially not the sewing tutorials.

You're super beautiful and I love your personality. But most of all, as an aspiring fashion designer who is also going to fashion school, your videos are really inspiring. You make everything look super fun and super easy.

Can't wait to see your next video ❤️

Cam sk 

Thank you so much for this video 💞💞💞

Lauren Macaraeg 

Love you! Such great insights!


Gorgeous and talented💖