Movie news: Dark Phoenix screening bombs, Dune Movie Castings, Live Podcast


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Movies discussed include X-Men Dark Phoenix, Dune Movie, Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame, Pet Cemetery 2, Batman 2021,

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Scott K 

I have a funny feeling we won't be hearing much more about Pendy. co 😂

pokki30 one 

Grace and ellen sees, arkee and cikgu malaysia. As geniuses, why? Cause they only know how to spell the word cat.?I think they can only know how to spell the word cat. They claim to be fluent in bahasa. But they dont know any bahasa. They speak mostly englsih. They know almost no bahasa whatsoever. All their knowledge on human culture. Comes from mostly american shows and movies. And ofcurse they got their money from wolf kin. The malaysian govenment has tested arkees and cikgu malaysia, so called imterlects. They are not smart. In fact the malaysian govenemnt. Copy right under below average. They are not geniuses. Donald trumos and barak obama has met them. They are idiots. They cnst even past grade school test. They are not fluent in bahasa. That is just them lying. They just identify english words as bahasa words. Which is just them lying to themselves, like arkee and cikgu malaysia claimed. That eolf lord is bahsa for jin. It is not bahsa for jin. And they have no proof that

Alex Dunn 

Y is TBone such a pussy about controversial opinions? Stop catering to internet fanboys

Danny Mitchell 

It’s more than just space brain, it’s the affect that space brain seemed to have on her. With him she was cutesy, goofy, and fun. She is still all of that but it’s being covered up by the F word every few minutes. It’s like the innocence of her character is gone. She is still getting views so people are still watching but it’s not as much for me as her older stuff. Hopefully she can find her way back to some of that.


Its hilarious at 14:31 when she goes, "so glad we talked about this..." and then Jims the camera. She has some of the best natural timing.

Colby Butler 

Who's the guy asking dumb ass questions?

Leon Woods 

It's important to understand what the phoenix is and why it possessed Jean. What is happening in the movie has nothing to do with that. Ffs a 90s cartoon in 3 20 minute episodes has done more justice to one of the best sagas


Please do a video on Star Trek Discovery and the new Doctor Who.

Edit: wanted to see if you did a video on TLJ yet and really surprised to see you liked TLJ.

Supreme Commander 

Your 2 part phoenix sage explained it so beautifully and watching this film with ruin the experience, and your soul. The pain I felt with apocalypse destroyed my soul already.

Mac Lynch 

Your beautiful, Star Wars was a Dune rip off, Dune is the real deal.

Taylor Jakes 

Josh Brolin is Gurney in Dune


Thank you Dan for not towing the SJW line. Thank you for being a free thinking person and recognizing the shit sandwich that is Captain Marvel.

Kait's Toys and Collectibles 

As a Phoenix fan I agree with this so much.

Jacob Odom 

It was over for me after Logan, period. I don't need anymore movies after that.

RetroStation 1989 

Every day I hear a rumor they're scrapping the latest bullshit attempt to put Gaiman's Endless on the silver screen makes me happy.

Those are MY 'sacred texts'.

I empathize.

Arnold Stephenson 

Thank You. Thank You. It's gonna suck.

Scott Rogers 

I hate to say it but don’t get baked off your arse when doing these streams. It’s killing your game. I honestly don’t know if your okay but the last 3 years have started to go a direction that is kinda always dark and hazed. I still respect you but it’s darkness needs to get out of ya or something. Get it out of ya though. 💋💋to beans

Scott Rogers 

Yeah I’m not into ms. Marvel movie

Kelly Miller 

Oscar as Duncan Idaho totally.

Johnny Umali 

T bone lives a stressful existence trying to mitigate D's flamethrowing mouth at every turn.

It's like she's a dragon and he's like "c'mon, don't set that village aflame okay? Just... plz... okay. *sigh* here we go again"


Totally agree that Oscar Isaac was as better fit than Jason Momoa. Momoa is too large!

Thmpsn 18318 

fuck ms marvel

pokki30 one 

And comic book girl is, the crearor of all the character that they use. Arkees cat kin. And annakas wolf kin, are being very inaccurate to comic book girls mythology. Grace and ellen want to side with arkee and cikgu malaysia. Because they see those two gay men as beautiful six year old girls, but they are not. They are ugly old men. Comic book girl is younger and prettier than all of them. But they dont wsn to beleieve in comic book girl. Hbecause comic bookg girl has two x chromosomes. So they consider her an inferior. Cause they hate sis gendered white women. I dont.

pokki30 one 

Grace and ellen still havent explained why they hate me. I think they are just delusional.

Christina Tuttle 

I dyed my hair blue and yours looks so good too 💙💙💙

James Thomas 

Bryan Singer made three great X Men movies but it's a shame he's a dirty filthy prick

James Thomas 

I think the phoenix/dark phoenix saga's would be much better as a TV show a bit like how they adapted Legion

Gabriela Rodriguez 

Woah, that lady is terribly unstable, cynical, terrible.


Woow how disrespectful and haven't seen the movie but going on a rant on a possible rumour? Way to go Comic book Girl, worst semi review ever!! 🤨👎I hope Dark Phoenix ratings go through the roof come June, plus how can we get the comic book version when Fox version ofThe Phoenix wasn't set up that way? Besides Captain Marvel is coming out soon and they can't have 2 females who both get there super powers from outer space! At least give the movie a chance 🤷‍♂️


Haha your hex worked!

Jon Avenger71985 

Welcome back Comicbook cutie.I agree DP will suck and so will Episode 9.I've been hurt and lost alot of sleep over those horribly cast UK actors and KK butchering a once beloved marketable franchise.

ygtffhjjgeggfwqq Jon Davis 

I like how you talk

ygtffhjjgeggfwqq Jon Davis 

wheres robot

ygtffhjjgeggfwqq Jon Davis 

are you in dune?

ygtffhjjgeggfwqq Jon Davis 


Green Phantom 

Just let it bomb so it can be over for a while..

Green Phantom 

Screenings that bomb really aren’t a big deal, just like Halloween you don’t really know if u have the right crowd or if it’s small things that can be fixed. Didn’t they film this movie twice??

R Taylor 

But all of the lead up to the Dark Phoenix would have meant Sophie Turner is leading more movies and she's not an acting heavyweight. This way we only have to endure the one movie or not then it's done. Thank whatever mercy you can they cut it down.

A M A T E U R W A V E 

Fox had limited time. They chose to rush because of the disney deal. Im sure fox wouldve taken the time with Phoenix but disney is just too fucking hungry

Jerry Charlemagne 

They should make a X Men that fallow the Apocalypse movie and make it more interesting and new not the same X Men that we've already seen.

Bub's Aunt 

The X-Men costumes have always had issues film-wise but have you really looked at the costumes in this trailer they look so bad

Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay 

Didn't Fox do Logan and DP? So, they do know what their doing.

Toxic White Male 

I think it would be more interesting if we hadn't already seen this saga before. I mean the cartoon saga was phenomenal, the live action film version less so, but why did they need to reboot it again? And with such a wooden actress?

Poet and Didn't Know it 

The only good Xmen movies were X-2 and Logan...


It won't damage the IP too much. Give it a couple years, Marvel shows the uninitiated what a real X-Men movie is...problem solved.

pokki30 one 

Annaka never bothered, to read comic book girls books, before criticising them, annaka accuses the character of marry. Of bwing hateful to all wolves. Just because she is enemies with cane. Who annak believes to be her daddy. But that is stupid. That is like saying simba from lion kings, is hateful to all lions, because he is nemies with scar. Who is also a lion like him. That is the level of stupidity annaka, is preaching to her followers. Annaka doesnt believe that cane is the king of hell cats. Because he is a wolf . Tha tis like saying scar, cant be the king of hayinaas. Cause scar is a lion. Has annaka never seen the kion kings.? If you can comprehand that simba is a good lion, and scar is a bad lion, then you should be able to comprehend that maery is a good wolf. And cane is a bad wolf. But no. Annaka is too sruoid for that. Annaka would only believe what aekee says in the book. And not actually read what happens in the book. Annaka comes into somethung wanting to hate it.

M T 

you videos are still so overly negative b*tch b*tch.. This is the first video I have watched of yours in about a year. I was a big fan for much of your early videos, but you have become unwatchable. Your co-hosts keep trying to remind you to rein it in but you are your own worst enemy.


I'm very interested to see what Disney does with X-Men. I want something completely different.



B_G _C 

Oscar Isaacs *_should be_* (( *_should've_*_ been_ )) Duncan Idaho....