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Please re-enable liking and disliking of the video so that we can dislike it to hell. Thank you

dream 11 youtubers ki dukan band 

Pls update the what's app group link pls these links are revoked pls

TECKNO tack 

Lol Moto is best

Shaiba Javed 

I totally agree with you .Front camera is really awful .I just don't know why people are appreciating wide angle camera view of this phone.

Sayantan Nandi 

Lenovo is the greatest problem for motorola. Google should take motorola back so as to save the brand.

Tech Review 

i got G5 plus(Lunar grey) in 10k from amazon. and now price is 14900 😁😁

Chirag Singh 

Dude thats not is Aluminium 6000 (a grade of aluminium)

Mahitosh Ram 

I wanna ask why there is to gallery options and two remove photo options while changing dp in whatsapp

ashik siva 

Does it support screen mirroring

Yogendra Singh 

Bhai tumne jo pic liya hai sunlight k opposite liya hai bhai koi bhi phone sunlight k opposite. Loge dark ayega HDRM mode ON kar k lo to light balance hoga aur acha pic ayega i m using moto G5 pluse camera ka aur koi mobile ka compare nahi hai under 14000

sagar tambe 

U r received foulty phone

Tiktok Cool 

in my phone dont have any mic problem moto g5 plus such a good phone

Tiktok Cool 

all phone have some all are not best

ganesh babu 

Problem solutions for motog5plus


I agree with you on the first issue.

Kulwant Gill 

Jab se moto ko Lenovo ne kahreeda hai kachra kar diya hai hardware department g2 tak best tha....but as for now moto is jus hollow shell

Jeet Sarkar 

Guys trust me redmi note 4 is much better than this phone I have both I prefer redmi note 4 than moto g5 plus because the display of moto g5 plus is the worst I have used!


I just cannot get it to acknowledge my wifi!!! It "see's" tje neighbours but not mine! Tried everything..

Paul Naama 

Do ppl not see the fact that this phone is hideous? I mean come on. Looks of the devil DO MATTER.

Soumyajit Raj 


Pranav Dhillon 


Suryansh Pandey 

according to u which phone is best for video recording minimum prize


Compass exists in USA version, but no NFC


suggest few best smartphone under 15k....

Gregory Forster 

The Moto G5 Plus IS NOT advertised as a full metal case. The Moto G5S Plus IS. I NEVER had problems with background noise.

Joseph Samuel 

Bro has moto fixed that background noise issue with its software update?...... Is it ok now?

kishore kumar 

My Moto g5plus power button have been stuck automatically even I made a service also it got stuck

Tell me any suggestion to solve this

old SpOrT 

Redmi is cheap because its hardware is cheap although the chipset is same but just compare these phones after 3to 4 months you will see redmi facing several bugs and the quality will suffer but moto will remain the same

old SpOrT 

Brother redmi note 4 front camera is totally shit plz stop spreading this fake rumor redmi's both cameras are not even near ,stop this channel or plz atleast post legit content


Bro how u rooted ur moto g4 plus.. plez teme

Victoria 1995 

Moto G5+ or iPhone 6? (Not sure if the iPhone 6s is good enough as the 6, as I have read). I'll pay it in installments so I don't want to end up hating the new phone in a year. Besides, I miss a good camera in a cellphone. Suggestions?

Varma Chowdary 

Redmi it's a little bomb

Moto is ever good👌👌👌

crafts world 

redmi note 4 is much bettr

Kevin Killoren 

USA version has compass.

Red Devil 

I didn't face any audio problems in my moto g 5 plus

yerrapotu manoj kiran 

Totally f****d up video ,soo much hate

Nitin Palani 

No problem super phone

Nitin Palani 

Nice phone I m using Moto g5 plus only

keshav soni 

Moto g5 plus is better and you👎👎




the photos your sat behind a window what do you expect if you had used flash it would have been ok

Aditya Rajput 

Re mc andhera me ghanta acha photo ayega

yaseen khan 

The compass sensor isn't completely necessary....I've used the moto g5 plus for navigation a lot and believe me i didn't feel any difference... !!!

Technology Hiking 

Redmi note 4 is a garbage in comparison to Moto G5 Plus 32GB

those agree to my comment hit like



Arun K Vinod 

just simply get lost dude... if u dont know to compare stop the channel and get lost I'm using moto g5 plus and camera is kust stunning both front and back . and redmi note 4 sucks in front and back cam coz of over exposure and front cam gets stucks at lower lighting conditions

sachin sharma 

in pics behind u the light is very high so any camera will catch more

in ut case hare a same situation

so that's why camera is not focusing u

Boaz bee 

Hay i think the noise issue is common on every moto i have moto g3 and these are not huge issues and don't compare this with mi note 4 seriously

justin lee 

Hi... I got moto g5 plus a few days back.. I noticed an issue that i feel is needs to be looked at. When I start playing videos on Youtube app in full sceen, the brightness automatically reduces.. I checked the adaptive brightness settings and its off. Still I face the similar issue.. Can you help me out with the issue..? I have 32GB ROM, 4GB RAM variant..

Stephen Steef 

bro am gonna get this phone, I just wanna know if the front cam is good if it is linked with any filter apps like beauty plus etc? reply back pls.