Molecular breeding for complex adaptive traits in crop plants ...


QAAFI Science Seminar -- 4 March 2014

Graeme Hammer

Professor in Crop Science

Director, Centre for Plant Science

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation

Seminar: 'Molecular breeding for complex adaptive traits in crop plants -- how integrating crop ecophysiology and modelling can enhance efficiency'


Crop improvement requires prediction of phenotype based on genotype to underpin yield advance. Progress has been limited by the ability to identify favourable combinations of genotypes (G) and management practices (M) in relevant target environments (E) given the resources available to search among all possible G*M*E combinations. Crop improvement is in essence a search strategy on that complex G*M*E landscape.

Currently we cannot reliably predict (and navigate to) the desired destination on the adaptation landscape. Developments in molecular genetic technologies have allowed the focus of practical crop improvement to shift from the level of t...

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