Minecraft Tutorials: E34 - Smelting Netherrack into Nether Brick (Tutorials Season II) (M284)


Welcome to my tutorial series, this video series is based around how to survive in Minecraft. Firstly we will begin a new world. Then when we have some of the basic tools and resources we need, how to thrive and some fun things to do in Minecraft. Follow me through this journey and hopefully you will learn some new things.

In this episode you will learn:

- How to smelt netherrack into the Nether Brick Item

- How to craft Nether Bricks into the Nether Brick Blocks

- How to craft Nether Brick Slabs, Stairs and Fences

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Legal Disclaimer

I record all my content myself with a full licensed copy of FRAPS, if any music, pictures or third party video has been used they are stated below with their relative attributions and licence. Minecraft is copyrighted to Mojang AB, all rights reserved to them. Ideas from other players may have been borrowed, so if they have, I will have asked and I will give them credit below.

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Channel:  MrMFretwell
Chip Bennett 

Hey MrMFretwell, I really enjoy your tutorials! Question, though: any particular reason you use full blocks, rather than half-slabs, for floors? Using half-slabs you can cover the same area using half the resources (e.g. 3 nether brick blocks make 6 nether brick half-slabs). With wood it doesn't much matter, but with a crafted resource like nether brick, it could make a much bigger difference. Keep up the good work!


Thanks :D now i can make nether stairs by myself