Minecraft: Sky Factory 3 w/ CaptainSparklez - Ep 7 - SMELTERY FROM BELOW


Jordan and I work out the complexities of a bacon pez dispenser and a working smeltery

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Ian LaMont 

Anyone watching this after stone block knows where this chicken thing goes 😂


Gen z is not that retarded.

Squible Guy 


sombra ro 

x33n: _talks about being tiggered_

also x33n: _walks off and spam swings at the mob grinder_

legoninja 9889 


Den ultimate Tod 

why doesent veinminer work?!?

Dave-the -mave 

you sound like moo snuckle

Patrick Carter 

X33N Sparkles HIT middle click to make everything organized in your chests/inventory. It Auto Organizes everything.

ITickle Chickens 

I may have been born in the time frame that is considered to be Gen Y or Millennial, but I identify as Gen X.

The Grinning Viking 

Yo x33n! Try Iron spikes and one of the vacuum hoppers you can make with an eye of ender, obsidian, and a hopper. They will auto gather all the items, the xp, and you can get the resources to make them already within an episode - you just need compressed gravel and the right kind of sieve mesh. (If you got a blaze powder for the ender eye from those loot bags that is, they can also drop from witches, or you can be a crazy dude and go to the nether for one. It's worth it.)

A fully automatic mob farm with even limited sorting that saves xp, loot bags, rare drops, and a reasonable amount of basic resources - and eventually bins the junk - is more invaluable than you are aware. It is a game changer. (And it only gets better if you improve mob farm efficiency and spawn rate.)

Lots of advice to combine the loot bags, there's a block called a "Bag combiner" that does that - But I would advise against it while the low level stuff you are getting is still useful to you. It's more something to

Kbuggy M 

The chest is floating

James Cantwell 

X33N Unless it is different in this version, you can make a decent amount of seared brick by putting stone/cobblestone in the smeltery. You will need an ingot cast for the casting table (unless that is also different in this version).

Ilse Kruit 

please play minecraft invasion with captainsparklez please please please

Tony Verzinskie 

X33N your a sexy beast

Carlton C 

i truly appreciate your coach z refrence.


we need spl33n vs crundee


can you put a list of mods you have in this sky factory?

Kamyab Rezaee 

You can put the smelty drains on the corner and put two faucets,one each side of the block,that way with two drains you can have four of the metal pouring things(that I forgot the name of).


X33N you and Jordan should invite waglington the the series it doesn't matter if it's now but wag is love wag is life


Metal is made from any mesh you just have to comine the ore pieces then smelt them


X33N, you can use a Vanilla sword for grinding mobs, because of its sweep attack. Since all of the mobs will be on the verge of death, a couple of hits will take them all out completely.

Peter Slivka 

X33N: "I have never seen an episode of Futurama"

Me: *Unsub*

Cat Drugs 2 

X33N next episode make an automated farm


Sorry but sparklez KEEPS REFERRING to his other videos. COME ON MAN stop that!! shameless self promotion

Matthieu Smith 

FYI X33N look up @mob_ginding_utils your next step will be the iron spikes for the mob grinder


"Refined Storage" is the equivalent of "Applied Energistics" for this version of Minecraft. And it is in the modpack.

Butter Bread 

X33N make a "small" storage crate. It's made with some wood and sticks, and is the literal equivalent of a Golden Chest from iron chests. Great for early game!

Miguel Ramirez 

put 4 of one type of loot bag that hasnt been looted out of yet and it upgrades to the next level loot bag.

Alexander L 

You can smelt cobble in the smeltery to make more seared bricks

Armando Pruneda 

Xeen, middle button click any of your inventories to sort it.

Brian Riley 

Put Cooblestone in the smelter to get seared ingots :D. Much faster and cheaper than grout.


I have thought of a few tips this time:

The ME system Jordan wants is under a different name in a different mod (actually a lot of things are) called Refined Storage.

When you have your initial smeltery you don't necessarily need to make any more grout, you can instead use cobblestone, or any stone part, in the smeltery with an ingot cast to create seared bricks.

If you make tinkers tools with a wooden part they will repair themselves over time.


Nicely done. It feels like things are coming together, and both are really helping to push things forward. I haven't seen a Skyfactory series before, just, a couple of episodes. So, I"m not sure how these usually go, if there's trolling or challenges, and what not, how much they work together vs. separate. I know X33N is putting a lot of effort in, and, it is showing. The livestream edited to YT episode 6, was good. I like being able to see a livestream, with all the details, but, it was cut down to a nicely paced episode.

Patrick Arent 

A few little notes feel free to use them.

1. There is a mod similar to Applied Energetics 2. Search up "Drive" and there are some storage drives. Don't know how to use it though and that may be far down the road.

2. Combine lootbags in a 2x2 to get better loot.

3. Might want to start getting into the Chickens mod (sorry X33N but it's helpful) and start generating either coal or solar power.


You guys should think about sorting the chests they're getting kind of cluttered.

joseph burge 

how old is x33n

Freeze _4Life 

X33N the Chickens 🐔 mod is for you 😂😂

Oscar S. 

What's X33N's outro?

Mackenzie Braden 

I had to pause the video as soon as it started, only a second in and X33N has some sorta creeper face going on.......this will be a great video i can already tell.

daniel barry 

happy 69th video

Eli Van Muyen 

You can breed the chickens with each other and if you get specific chickens you can make an iron chicken which drops iron!!!!

Ling Ling 

use a sword to kill mobs

Jennifer Smith 

loving the xeen captiansparklez combo so freaking entertaining. So much snickering. ^_^

KookieKing 24 

Tony the Tiger... " they're grrrreat" Frosted Flakes. generation z knows their stuff boi.

sarmad gg 

xeen make a colossal chest its an enormous chest that 16x16x16x16 slots

sarmad gg 

btw the used for getting only one item on storage dower

sarmad gg 

x33n the pan that you cook with is from different mod

Ed Wolfram 

mini charcoal is the way to go


X33N talk to ssundee about the chickens because he has done it in sky factory

Nitrous_ CHAMPION 

X33N you have a potato in one of your chests plant it so you and Sparkles have a stable food source