Miguel's 7th birthday party!


We celebrated Miguel's 7th birthday at home today. He wanted a Star Wars theme and we also added a bouncy house (truck) that we didn't realize was going to be so huge that we were so relieved when it fit into our garden! He was so happy, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiles on my children's faces when they are! Happy birthday again, my beloved son! I love you more than words can ever say! Your loving Mama forever.:-)

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Happy Means Sharon 

Sharonians, our Megastar has launched her new youtube channel or network: pls. follow: sharoncunetanetwork. (SHARON CUNETA NETWORK)

Jasmine Monte 

Sharonian here ! God bless po

Ei Flo 

Gosh! I didnt know you have a channel. Subscribed.

Post more videos.

Gella Liston 

i very like your channel Miss Sharon..i am a fan of yours for 1 decade now.you are so sweet,cute in your own way..super smart as well.

Mitch G.G. 

Kahit hindi nya need pumayat shes very pretty pa din and lahat sa kanya na rich , talented at matalino super bait pa 😍😍😍😍😘

Mitch G.G. 

Such a very beautiful sharon and brainy pa. Super down to earth nya pa. Love you Ms. Sharon😍😍😍❤❤❤

Teresa MH 

Such a Good Mother and such a Beauty also.. I ❤U ms Sharon..


thank u idol. Gdbless


may yt channel pala si sharon :)

Ron Ganiwan 

hi.. po idol po kitasimula nun up to now, lhat ng movie mo astig tlg ska pnka gustu ko pg ktmbal mo ang 1st love mo! kilig na kilig po tlg aq sna bumlik ang nkraan jejeje. well hndi nmn po un mngyyri basta idol po kita :))

sweet dreams 

hi ate Shawie just keep it up your getting slimmer but your always pretty hoping mag vlogs kanarin like itsjudyslife pls manonood talaga ako love you ate Shawie...idol😊

yoshida teresita Reynosa yoshida 

happy B-day Miguel we loves you mom shawie more power

god bless, u and to all families

Shirley Torres 

I love you ms Sharon!!!!

Grace Kurita 

So nice to watch your video Sharon . here in japan expecting more soon God bless you, so excited , heard your having a movie w/ Gabby Concepcion , Happy Birthday to your son Miguel

Mj Castle 

Hi sha i am still ur avid fan kahit na tumaba ka na

Mirna P.L. 

Hi Sharon, it's so nice to see you on your own Youtube channel and seeing the real you not the movie star that I've always known. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, especially as a mom with grown up children. Thank you and God bless.

Iidah San 

Ang ganda parin ng face nya wrinkled free and smooth...parang in her 30s parin.

Iidah San 

Im 50yrs old na Shawie and i already have my wisdom highlights(gray hair)and how come,

you hair are still black and thick?Whats ypur secret?

Adelfa Tan 

makasa kayong sakin pag sinabi oki lahat yon all always sopport your fans honest thank your god love kayong lahat god bless safe

Evelyn Macalong 

I'm a big fan of you.salamat SA channel nato,I just subscribed.

Evelyn Macalong 

wow!I love you shawie.happy new year.

August 21 

i love u sharon!!! ur always so sweet and adorable! God bless u and ur family!

Nathan/Darlene masih 

Hi my beautiful Sharon 😘 this is what I'm waiting for a vlog from you because it's uso na lol I like to watch you because there's no faking your so humble and true. Just to watch your life what's going on your very bless to have a now a big family. I don't have a happy family like yours 😢 I can't wait to watch more of your vlog 😀 May God bless you 😘

Jim Tiongson 

Sharon,You are such a great mother....KUDOS to you.

Maria Theresa Quindo 

Hi Miss Sharon can you do a whats in my bag video. Thank you.


I just subscribed to your channel Shawie. Hopeful to see more videos of you and the family!

Ella Manalang 

Paano cya mag mumuhang matanda eh baboy naman cya sa katabaan

Greg Sy 

Im so in love with all your movies and it's so nice to have your own channel in youtube. My family and friends love you sooo much as well. Godbless

Jocelyn Stein 


I love you Mega! I'm a Sharonian since I was in young. And fought to people who bash you until now and forever and ever I'll be a Sharonian.

Rai Legarda 

Migule belated! Love you Shawie!

Lyn Welsh 

Happy birthday Miguel.hello Ms.Sharon ka subscribe ko lang today.i am from bohol but living here in LA.back when i was living in pinas my aunt used to watched your show.then nahawa na rin ako fan na din ako.

Sweet Violets 

Hi Ms. Shawie!.... Congratulations on your new You Tube Channel!....... Hope you could also share tips on cooking, your delicious recipes, make ups, favourite hang outs, travel tips, shopping tips, etc..... All the best on your next TV program!.... 😍

Rowena Gutierrez 

hi Shawie💜💛💚💋

Ah-lane Loreto 

miss u shawie...#asksharon#When kayo gagawa ni Gabby ng movie again?thank u...

Twinkle Little Star 0107 

hape bday Miguel. .I luv u idol. ..

Nida Oleary 

Shocking mega naka kaumay na

Kris Vargas 


Elizabeth Ronquillo 

Happy Birthday Miguel.GOD bless u

Momsie Popsicle stick 

Love u Mega 😘😊❤️

Soobin Kim 

dati gus2ng gus2 ko si ms.sharon nung 1980' kc pinay na pinay hindi lng sa isip sa salita at sa gawa pero ngaun prang nauumay nkong panoorin ka kc npaka trying hard mo mag english lakas tlga mkahawa ng mga pangilinan buti pa si nora aunor kahit sa america na tumanda pilipino pa rin ang wika pati sa acting di nkakasawa kahit matanda na hayy ms sharon babalik lng cguro ang iyong ning ning kung mkapareha mo ulit si gabby sa movie yung story nyo dati sarap ulit ulitin

Jeck Gamer 

sana makaroon ako ng kalendar pamilyang Sharon cuneta at pangilinan pliss .San po kaya makakabili.I'm aizon from mallos bulacan

Jeck Gamer 

sana may part 4


Nice channel ....looking forward for more!

Catherine San Pascual 

God Bless po ms. Sharon I love watching you..


Yay!Subscribed agad when I saw recommended channel of Sharon.Belated Happy Birthday to Miguel. :)


Hope you can still do a movie like the Madrasta type, a drama na ikaw pa rin ang bida, hindi naman support sa mga young stars. And sana I could see you also in a movie na ibang genre like horror, or suspense-thriller (although you already did that in the past like Biktima) pero ibang atake naman like Ashley Judd na mala Double Jeopardy.


Happy Birthday, Miguel!!🎂🎂🎂 Ms. Sha parang pumasok ka sa time capsule Hindi tumatanda! love you, I'm a big fan since Dear Heart!!😁

Lie Sisa 

hello Sharon na miss na kita kelan ka gagawa movie or kahit teleserye? happy birthday 🎂 🎁 🎈 to your son Miguel

Jeanpaul camaclang 

Love Yoy Miss Sharon! =)

Rizalina Jacob