Microsoft Blames Gaming Media For Xbox One Consumer Response


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Wotans Karl 

to this day i don't think i've had as much fun on the internet as when xbone was announced. also this video is what made me start following the channel

Adam Morrell 

microsoft Xbox 360 red ring of death/doom 💩

Xbox live GOLD paid service 🖕

Netflix Youtube locked behined pay wall..

Why did anyone think microsoft was going to play fair with the xboxone 💀

Jason Sawyer 

Been a playstation fan since day one. It’s 2017 and i still use ps3! Black ops for life!!!


Hey, Rich, I'm an XBOX fanboy and I will defend the XBOX ONE X!


These were dark times for Xbox fanboys.

actual loser 

i dont care about consoles


This is why capitalism works. The consumer spoke, the company listened.

B r a n d o n 


The Tech Lover 

the worse console launch?? did you forget the dreamcast lol

Bilbo Swaggins 



Microsofts original plan for the Xbox 1 was actually very exciting for me, being able to play games on the cloud and for your friends Xbox to recognise you and instantly let you resume the game you where playing at home. but everyone listened to the press and diddnt even watch the conference, and complained until Microsoft rushed new designs that wasted the consoles previous years of planning and developing! the ps4 is just the ps3-2 and the Xbox one was going to be a jump up from the last gen, but Microsoft made the mistake of listening to market research and eneded up with a 360-2, now with.. not even 1080p.. PC it Is...

Eclipse shadows 

come on Microsoft


the guys commenting about pc gaming are like uninvited guests in a party no one cares about their pecense but they are still annoying


still waiting for the time where SONY announces that they are bringing out a PS in 3 months and Microsoft are still developing their hardware and rush their upcoming XBOX as they always do when SONY announces a new console.

Angelo st 

It's funny because two years later you were wrong now it's sony who are the assholes.

Demonta Barrino 


Supreme Buffalo 

Does ReviewTechUSA think 'repository' has the meaning of 'suppository'?

Papa Sears 

so funny watching these videos now, all the bullshit rumors that went around. They want a piece of the pie, the company is worth 300+million. They OWN the damn pie

Dizzy Duke 

I'm not buying into this gens' consoles. Will never buy an Xbox and will never buy a console/game that requires a fee to play online or use online features. Neither Sony nor Microsoft is willing to pay my internet bill. So I'm not paying for theirs.


xbox is good but don mattrick is retarded


I remember hearing about the this 2 years ago and face palming my self I was like what no used games all ways online and being watched by the kniect?!

big man on campus 

atleast its not ea

SkullSmack 360 

I would buy an xbox 1 but... THEY WONT TELL YOU IF IT STALKS YOU i would love to have one and the xbox360 was amazing...


Thats y ps4 sold more lol and still is

Gabriel West 



Don't forget about the bullshit proprietary headset connector and Microsoft trying to get more of the cut.  The proprietary headset connect adds not absolutely no value and is just a means for Microsoft to get more of my money.  I made it simple, I haven't bought and don't plan on buying.  

The whole reason I went to consoles is to avoid all the time spent configuring PC and worrying about hardware.  Put disk in and play, simple right.  No the console is getting just as complicated with all this bit crap, can't turn kinect camera off.  Screw Microsoft, I don't need your crappy $400 console, give me what I want, I will go buy a PC that does.



Joseph Hyde 

Microsoft comes off as untrustworthy to me I'll never buy a xboxone.

Overki the great 

Lol they losers


Xbox One kills the Delaystation 4 in great games

Deathfire Grasp 

Let's start a story:

After Rich was done rubbing his nipples to lord Gaben's face he...

Yo Dude Guy Gaming 

got myself a nice gaming pc  couple yrs ago and havent looked at consoles since :)

Luis Rodriguez 

These hoes ain't loyal

Gaming with Josh! 

+ReviewTechUSA I found an article you might want to cover ...


While it is mostly true that the Xbox One is unpopular for the reasons you mentioned, I'm sure gaming media also had a small part to do it. If tons of people are saying that something sucks,the average person likely to believe them just because of the sheer number of people alone.

Personally I WAS going to get Xbox One just for Halo, but seeing as how they fucked over Halo 5 with aim down sights, they just lost another potential buyer.


If your craving for Xbox One or PS4, just find a friend or use google to find someone in your area play their games or rent a game if they don't have it. That should satisfy your curiosity to consoles and be glad that you didn't spend hundreds of dollars of buying the console, play for a month, and use the console every now and then till a game of your interests pops up or buy more games so that you could give yourself a reason in using PS4 or Xbox One.

dakito fey 

PC>PS4> WIIU.........................>xbox one


I would seriously take my XONE and sell it for a PS4 but i cant use the PS controller and the X1 games are a bit better IMO. eh, these companies are getting lazy on the customer satisfaction side and concentrating on the big dollar sign. Im waiting for more platforms to emerge to foster more competent competition.

Potato Fries 

I KNEW I was the only one thinking: WHY DA HELL ARE THEY SHOWING ADVANCED WARFARE? NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS! In their press conference.


I know Larry works for Microsoft, but he REALLY over sells the Xbox One. That being said, I still dont think the console doesnt deserve some praise, just he gets out of control


I do not like Larry Hyrb one bit. I dont really have a reason for it, something about him just pisses me off I dont know

Robert Moore 

I love the Xbox one.


i like the xbox one. because all the mindless 5 year olds can go play cod on it whilst me and the more mature community of ps4 can play planetside 2 and multi platform games looking much better :)

Zubac twelve 

i was a big xbox fan, WAS. im buying my ps4 in a few months.

phil hems 

What do you expect by a company owned by a NWO mass murderer......


Bill jobs named his company after his dick

Syphist Prime 

I love how Microsoft wanted to basically make telescreens. Good job MS, you just invented something used in a satire against totalitarianism.

Isaac Garrett 

What game is that


If you buy a Xbox One, you're gonna have a bad time

Alfie Paxton 

Ah... ugh... IT'S TRUE!!!! I may be an Xbox player, but all this shit is true!!!!!!