Michael Graziano - Hostelworld Conference 2015 - Engaging the Connected Customer

Martin R. Cruz 

I have thought about learning how to DJ someday.

Hype Kay 

This has showed me that life is not something to take for granted, but something to grab by the horns and experience first hand, I myself hope to travel the world, maybe not make it to all the countries, but to a good majority of them. This video has definitely inspired me to continue my goal of travel, and only being of age of 14, I can agree most definitely that my generation wants to travel. And now realizing that making millions and spending thousands at college while I can spend it on things that really matter to me, and the fact that loneliness and misconception is a big reason why people doubt traveling to third world countries should not be the reason not to go. When i turn of age i am going skydiving and adrenaline junky things that make me happy as well as traveling and this video has just made me want to do that more.

Jordan Pike 

This was so inspiring and right on track with how I've been thinking and feeling for quite some time. I need to show my friend and family this. Thank you!