merchant cash advance, .high risk business loans.


Merchant Cash Advance. high risk business loans 6k or more monthly sales. No open Bankruptcies. 3 Months in Business.

No CC Processing Required. You Qualify!

Merchant cash advances are most often used by retail businesses that do not qualify for regular bank loans, and are generally more expensive than bank loans.[7] Competition and innovation led to downward pressure on rates and terms are now more closely correlated with an applicant's FICO score.[8]

There are generally three different repayment methods:[citation needed]

Split withholding: When the credit card processing company automatically splits the credit card sales between the business and the finance company per the agreed portion (generally 10% to 22%). This is generally the most common and preferred method of collecting funds for both the clients and finance companies since it is seamless.

Lock box or trust bank account withholding: All of the business's credit card sale...

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