Medium-Advanced Solitaire Wargames Example and Advice - The Players' Aid

Pedro Pereira 

curious if you could give a spin to COH: AtB with the Eastern Front solo expansion ? very keen on hearing out your opinion :)

Feel the Board 

Great video guys, and I have the same thinking about solitaire game, I need to get involved and the game must provide that, immersion. When get too fiddly to just play every round, well, i'm off.


Did I see a deck of cards with a rubber band around them? Please don't do that. It breaks my heart to see that.


Yall are my new favorite series!

David Randolph 

Comancheria is awesome! I wish I knew about these games with Navajo Wars.

E-4 Airman 

thanks for the review. more games to check out!

David Chachere 

Look at the wrinkles on that Empire of the Sun rule book. That sucker's seen some action. Looks like my ASL.

the turd reich 

Dday at omaha played 7 times never won 😂😂


Great now I don't know if I want Hornet Leader or Thunderbolt Apache Leader. Great video!

The BoBo 

Conflict of Heroes the Eastern Front solo expansion is the VERY high standard for AI bots these days.

The fact it is already 3 years on the market shows how much GMT dominates this market.

I think I have played hundreds of solo games, not only wargames but not one came close in terms of fluidity, ease, smooth, fast playing with an incredible deep, changing and tough AI bot.

If GMT would have published it, it would have been THE standard of solo games over the past 3 years. Its card driven AI with emergent behaviour could be used in much more designs.

I hate AI based on die rolls btw, almost every DVG, B17 are very inferior to real solo games or intelligent bots. It is soooo easy to put up random tables and throw dice for your next AI action. After 40 years of B17 clones you would think people stopped buying these...

Butterfield is the key designer of innovative solo wargames. From Ambush to DDay series to Enemy Action Ardennes, but apparently his co op work with the young Gunter Ei

Cesar Ramos 

Sherman seems interesting

David Chachere 

Great vid! I forgot all about your tilted house after a few minutes. But shoot me a text - I know some good contractors.


Nicely done! Always nice to listen about solo games

Lionel Gard 

What's your opinion both about play Combat Commander solo?

John Sy 

You didn't include Enemy Action: Ardennes! Like RAF, you can play that from either side or two player. And the mother of all complex solitaire games would be Victory Games' Carrier which unfortunately is only available in the secondary market.


It's the first time I've come across Ranger; looks great. Thanks for the vid!

Van Wilson 

I forgot all about Empire of the Sun. Just misses being in my top five. I also enjoyed Fire in the Lake

Van Wilson 

My top five solitaire games

5. Target for Today

4. B-17 Flying Fortress Leader

3. Field Commander Napoleon

2. The Hunters and Silent Victory

1. Unconditional Surrender

Unconditional isn;t advertized as a solitaire game but plays incredibly well solo.


Labyrinth is the first solitaire game I bought and now I'm not feeling so bad for putting it on the backburner. I have no local players to help me learn this beast.

Bwort Bwort 

Rly interesting video, thx :)

Jim Smith 

Hi Guys! I'm a solo game player, not always by choice, and I''m ALWAYS intrigued by any great solo games. As you can image I play a ton of DVG games. I also love "Ambush", "B-17, Queen of the Skies", and many others (Hostage Negotiator why not ... "Warfighter"??? I know both of you guys would LOVE this game. Have you tried it yet? I hope you will... love your reviews.b....

Gunnar Greybeard 

Either of you 2 have the Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader module?

Donald Brent 

Alexander had mentioned the possibility of doing a series of "How To" tutorials or play throughs on Fields of Fire. Is that still a possibility?


Lock'N'Load seems an interesting war game.

Gareth Davies 

Great video which has added about six games to my wishlist!

Skidd Wister 

Nice videos on solitaire games. Thanks for the uploads. I Would love to see you have a playthrough. Navajo Wars, Comancheria, Labyrinth would be awesome to watch.

Zone Gamma 

very nice video

for me solo is only possible if it has a good narrative and a good streamlined set of rules because I can't remember all the little rules

Noel Dillabough 

P500'd that 3rd edition of Empire of the Sun...terrifies me but also intrigues me lol

Crushing It 

Man even after 40 hours Fields of Fire was just too fiddly to play. I like the idea of it, but I feel like literally every move, every action, required very specific rules that led to unnecessary rules. Plus the rule book is of zero help. Every turn requires a constant look up in the rulebook or a search on boardgamegeek. The fanmade rules summary booklet (yes booklet) actually contains more pages than the rule book. Just goes to show there is no summarization to the extensive list of rules to remember.

I totally respect everyone's opinion on gaming preference. But It honestly feels like the creator just wrote up a bunch of random rules for a game he himself only intended to play and the sold it to the public. Its just a poorly designed final product. Cones of dunshire made more sense.

Mike D 

I have purchased Fields of Fire; but never had chance yet to get into it. IT sounds a lot like DVG's Warfighter. I don't own the original; but was on Warfighter WWII (west/east fronts) Kickstarter and have played it about ~ 5 times. Very playable, similar sounding system to FoF, but where FoF Sounds like it's perhaps a "bit too deep" / complex. Warfighter WWII is certainly a Squad + support elements/members based level game where FoF sounds like step up to Company level. Can't wait to find time to play FoF for sure. I like depth and detail. Esp in my tactical level games. :D

Mike D 

Hi Gents: FABULOUS REVIEW> Thx much! Re/ Empire of the Sun, There is the c3i (rel 3 coming out main game will have it too) South Pacific only subgame ver. of EoTS. Have you guys played that? Just wondering if it's a simpler inroad into the EoTS System. Thx!

Quintilius Varrus 

Target For Today = one of the best games ever made. What a great game!

Judd Vance 

Any thoughts on Carrier or Tokyo Express? I just got em both and am working through Carrier now.

The Late Night Gamer 

Great stuff as always guys! If you enjoy an unpredictable AI (human like?) did you ever try Conflict of Heroes Awakening the bear with the solo deck. I think that´s the best AI I ever seen! By the way, I also preordered Mr. President :D


Would the solo games mentioned by High Flying Dice games here be a good place to start for a beginner? I like the cheaper games for now cause of budget

Eric Burden 

Which was tougher to learn Fields of Fire or Empire of the Sun? Great video by the way guys, keep up the great work.

Dreux Barbier 

I keep losing, but Sherman Leader is my current favorite. It's all I want to play, it's keeping me from jumping into Target For Today and Picket Duty!

Kurt the cat 

Excellent video. Great recommendations. The summary of each game was communicated in an efficient informative fashion. Hope to see more of your videos.

David Arlington 

What a great video. A lot of games I didn't even know were solo games. Subscribed! :)

Sarthak Mishra 

Please keep pumping more videos about your favourite systems, series, games that play well for different playcounts etc. Amazing work!!

Baroque Harpsichord 

I know you guys have played and liked GMT’s Time of Crisis so you should check out the solitaire variant posted at BGG. It simulates a 4 player game for one player. The AI ruleset uses the cards in a quick and easy method that really keeps you on your toes. Now you can have a “knife fight in a phone booth” by yourself!

E-4 Airman 

nice overview of games i do not have. thanks i will look into these.

Davide Pessach 

Thank you so much for these videos guys. I suggest you try the coin series, they are very interesting history wise and you can play them solo with the bots.

su park 

Thanks Grant and Alexander. Really cool. Which are your 2 or 3 favorite solo games? Like Grant, I am a reluctant solo gamer. Really enjoy live opponents. Looking for that title which will inspire me to put effort into solo wargaming.


I own so many of these and have played so few....

Edouard Bertrand 

Labyrinth now has an extension featuring solo bots for both sides. As to COIN,

I have only played them Solo and cannot comment on how better they are FTF. I have played both Distant plains (with Arponen's bot) and Falling sky: they provide an excellent solo experience which make you feel like you are fighting human opponents and not just a system (which is often a problem with solo games). They require the human player to devise a long term strategy with a constant need for adaptation to ever changing circumstances and make one actually relive a historic experience.(The only drawback being the terse wording used at times for the bot flowcharts).

James Hebert 

Great episode! Thank you.

Do you know where you can find Ranger today? I've emailed the web site but have had no replies. It appears they may no longer be actively running the business.

Hilltown Graymers 

This was great! Thank you. wow 12hr for two player Empire of the Sun. How long would a solo run? Will need to cat proof the pacific.

David Coutts 

Great job, guys.

David Coutts 

Halfway through, loving your recommendations so far.