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In this episode we discuss mechanical engineering jobs, mechanical engineer basics, Mechanical Engineer Career Path, mechanical engineer day in the life, mechanical engineering career, mechanical engineering salary, mechanical engineering 101, mechanical engineer interview, what can mechanical engineers do

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This channel provides tips and info, and is a free community and education platform dedicated to making engineers the best they can be :) Topics include: engineering student tips, engineering student life, engineering student laptop, student engineering projects, student engineering interview, engineering motivation, how to get an engineering job, how to get an engineering internship, engineering job questions and answers, engineering jobs explained, engineering jo...

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Jake Voorhees 

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Preston J 

The hands. Please less use

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Robert S. 

Put your hands down.

Ahmed Lotfy 

body lang bro body lang plz

Lourdes Rodz 

Great vídeo and advices thanks!

Andrew Carbines 

my god, the constant gesturing towards the camera is doing my head in. F≠ma this time brah

Minh Nguyễn Trần Bình 

Condensed Video, sir. Well done!

Rofiq El 

i just realized u have only 4k subs wtf i thought u had millions

Devin O'Rourke 

Hello Jake, I’m currently a mechanical engineering major and in the market for a new laptop. I have been searching for almost a year now for an upgrade to my Dell Inspiron from 4 years ago to be able to run all the different softwares. I unfortunately do not have a desktop so most of what I do is on my laptop or on the university’s computer. I don’t do any gaming on my laptop. I like having a touchscreen but it’s not very versatile and is extremely slow. It’s almost a hassle to use. I’m have a maximum budget of 1300 USD and still have no ideas. If you could help give me a recommendation that would be amazing!

Thank you again and your engineering videos are very inspiring and motivation so thank you for that also!!


Wow, I remember speaking to you on reddit - was really cool to randomly stumble upon your youtube channel!

Fernando Loyola 

wooooooooooow. just wow. this video was so helpful. Thank you so much for putting in the effort.

Harry S. Plinkett 

As always, great video. I'm certainly checking out that group

Thomas A. Anderson, P.E. 

I'm glad to be a part of the 1% community


when r u gonna have more subs than me?!