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Maywood Arlington VA | Arlington VA Real Estate. This neighborhood video is about historic Maywood in Arlington. For more information on the Maywood community in Arlington, call Arlington VA Real Estate Agent Matt Leighton at 703-472-0574 or email at matt [at] battlesales dot com.

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Maywood Arlington VA

Established: 1909

Approximate Number of Households: 400

Housing Style: Queen Anne, Colonial Revival, Bungalow, Sears Catalog

Maywood Townhouses: None

Maywood Condominiums: Maywood Mews, Dominion Heights

Maywood Apartment Complexes: Cherry Hill Apartments, Morene Apartments

Area Amenities: Lyon Village Shopping Center, Thrifton Hills Park, Maywood Park, Lee Centre, Cherrydale Hardware

Schools: None


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