Mark Hamill Talks 'Star Wars' Future

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Joining the ranks of the Hollywood elite who are speaking up about Disney's Star Wars acquisition, Luke Skywalker himself shared thoughts on the recent news with Entertainment Weekly.

Mark Hamill, who we all know originated the role of Luke Skywalker back in 1977, said he was just as surprised as everyone else to learn about the 4.05 billion dollar megadeal, saying that he had no idea until he read the news online...just like everybody else.

But some news he wasn't surprised to hear was the plan to continue the Star Wars storyline. The actor said that he and Carrie Fisher met with George Lucas at a lunch meeting last Summer, where the director surprised them by revealing plans to move forward with Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Hamill's reaction? "Gobsmacked!" Hamill admitted he has initial trepidation about continuing the franchise, saying,...


well Disney is a Huge company so they have the money to do more movies.too many people were worried angry & upset disney would ruin them, BUT They did a smart thing and asked Lucas to be a part of the writing/set/ directing, even though he isn't the actual "director" he had a lot of say in what goes & how it should be done.

Celines aka michu Colon 

I love Star Wars but I think the Jedi Council dieing was just a terrible idea and wen order 66 was made I got

Pist of like w.t.f.!!! It was so surprising and no one saw it coming I think they should have killed the emperor

And every thing would be a happy ending I seed a lot but my name is raheem revera and I love star wars


Jackson sucked as Windu, it should have been Fishburne.  He needs to be Bitch raped by a Sith, after that fucking shitty rap about Ferguson and NYC.


Erin has terrible flatulence in real life. 


Clem Fandango 

Lucas always had 9 episodes in mind. Even at the very beginning.

Dirty Cockroach 

Is that Jovenshire from smoshgames at the end?

Sooner Models 

This chick is fine


They will do what they always do and make it into a Feminist-Fest.

Fisher will be some Jedi Master as a woman. There will be some young female version of Luke Skywalker learning about the force... and they will totally fuck up the movie by doing something a unoriginal as time travel where they might have to go back to the characters younger- hence the younger cast.

If they don't stick to the original concepts and try all the Feminist Shit, they will ruin it again.

Richard Mcginnis 

splinter of the minds eye ?

Yoda Man 

the Luke and Leia story is only a very very very small part of the lore and legend of the star wars universe. there are many thousands of years worth of very detailed stories most people arent even aware of yet.

the "true believers" understand and love it. thats why we get pissed when Lucas does something stupid like telling us the force is "bacteria in the blood" in episode 1. when Yoda already explained it just before he died on Dagobah.

you cant do a retroactive re-explanation of something thats already been explained, and should have been left alone. (that scene with Qui-Gon and Anakin should be deleted btw..go ahead Disney, we wont mind!)

btw we will also get pissed if Disney fucks something up too. so..yeah..dont do it! get it right or hire someone that can! itll take a small army, but its worth it!

Death Silhouette. 

Who ever that is in the Kitana outfit can finish me off any day! *wink*


i disliked just because i was told to like

Alexannderr Leon 

This is a true gift to all the fans around the world marvel might have many new movies to come but the force is stong only in Star Wars Movies Sry Marvel

Talon Diwisch 

What the HECK was that at the end? I mean she was pretty but what?

Chris Baty 

In good hands, HELL NO, Disney will destroy everything George Lucas has done. Star Wars will no longer be the awesome franchise it is. I mean Micky Skywalker. Really? You suck Disney

prince vince 

there not making more story lines. the books had already been written like 35-40 years ago. the first movie was the 3rd book. George is just trying finish the hole story that he wrote back in the 60's-70's.


I don't get it , when is Mark Hamill going to talk about Star Wars Future? I didn't hear him say a word...

ignacio garcia 

This is going to be great!, a legend reborn!


If you take a stroll to wookieepedia, you can obviously tell where the next movies are going to take place.   Look up  'The Legacy Era'  40 years ABY.


DIsney's 2nd largest shareholder is George Lucas.  Therefore, George paid himself a fortune for the rights to something he already owns.  This is how you print yourself money.

Goku 2019 

Hurrah for Star Wars!!!

Dimitar Dimitrov 

For those who thought that star wars plot has ended... well... wrong. The battle between Sith and Jedi can continue forever. The Light VS the Dark side of the force. Like star trek. The star trek have tons of movies,serials. The stargate has 10 seasons.Not just 6 episodes. New ideas,new characters, new jedi,sith,new enemies,new conspiracies,stronger weapons,smarter stormtroopers, better 3D effects,new machines/robots/spaceships. I have also design for new Sith Lord - Darth Draxton. A hybrid. Born by a love of jedi master and sith princess. Trained by both light and dark side. The ultimate good and ultimate evil in one person. He play for both sides. Double agent. Where actualy for non side but himself. He dress with costume and mask when go on mission. Something between van helsing/darth vader and cowboy. But the mask and suit are to hide his real identity not to sustain his life /like vader/. Unlike the other Sith and Jedi he use any possible weapon acording to the task. Even have spe


Star Wars episode VII in search for more money


i saw a nipple

Tyler Durden 

Mark Hamill Talks...  Talks... Talks... Talks...


"Marvel, the Muppets and Pixar" means the franchise is in "good hands"?? The Star Wars prequels were in the hands of Lucas himself. Now a studio is in control.

With that said, may it be as big a surprise as the original Star Wars was...

Various Virals 

i just hoope they dont screw up with the original main plot

mo zaib 

They should instead remake the prequels


We think that Disney are going to fuck Star Wars


@FRENZYTROOP what's "STAR TRACK" ?. I've only herd of Star Trek.


Why is Kitana from MORTAL KOMBAT at the end of the video?!? She cant be referring to an MK film thats for sure because there is no current news about it!


the movei is gonna suck and the man who made star track is going to make star wars episode 7

Truck Drivers Life Kelly L. Patterson 

I wont be suprised if Mark Hamill reprises his role as Luke a.k.a the new Yoda.


You can trust in when you've done something to the table!;)


This bitch whistles her "S" sounds... annoying.

Deleted Account 

I think that they should go up to episode 12


I despise JJ's shaky camera gimmick. He's a lousy director.


The Sith never die. Pay attention. It's a huge theme in the franchise. They ALWAYS return!


Why? Because he let you down little pony?


It's not a cult movie you dumb chick. It made umpteen millions of dollars. The franchise has raked in billions.

Gabe Sarria 


Paul Broom 


Thimón Sahuleka 

Loved the montage on the background.


500th liker

Kristopher Peroni 

I don't get it the story's done the chosen one Darth Vader killed the sith

Raiken Xion 

Im thinking of Abrams taking over doing Starwars movies full on, alot like that guy who wrote the Bond novel Devil May Care, supposedly in Flemming's style.

Raiken Xion 

Yes you are correct Abrams is a fan of Starwars but I still wonder if he understands that universe enough to make great movies out of it. See Abrams knows how to appeal to the generation when making movies, but Starwars is its own world and only true fans know this. Lucas, although not the best script writer when it comes to the films, knew the story and world he was creating and did not think about the particular audience (at the time) it would attract.

J Parshall 

They had better make the next movies about the thrawn trilogy and the yussan vong war

Amer Broski 

In good hands? They bloody cancelled star wars the clone wars season 6!!! and for what?? So that they can produce more crappy shows for Disney?? FTS!!!!


I think the Emperor cloned Vader and it will be Clone Wars II.