malpasAirflow an authorised SPAL Automotive UK Distributor


SPAL Automotive are the market leader in the design and manufacture of automotive centrifugal blowers and high performance electric fans. Many OEMs specify SPAL quality products for their own cooling and ventilation requirements.

Established in 1988, Wrexham based Malpas Tractors is a New Holland main line dealer for North West of England and North Wales. Malpas Tractors also has vast experience serving the aftermarket sector, in 2010 launched Malpasonline an ecommerce site dedicated to agricultural aftermarket with over 35,000 lines suitable for over 17,000 applications. is the result of SPAL Automotive and Malpas Tractors working together to bring aftermarket OEM replacement blowers and fans to the agricultural sector. Putting together a range of HVAC blowers designed to directly replace OEM units with the quality and performance that OEM’s specify themselves.

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