Making a Monoprint


This video demonstrates the process of making a monoprint by artist Orna Feinstein. A monoprint is made by pressing inks and patterns onto a paper. Several techniques are illustrated to create special effects. To see beautiful monoprints made by artist Orna Feinstein, please visit

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I guess monoprint means one at a time but it could also be called multiprint if you repeat the process. I don't know. What am I thinking? I need to stop thinking. But I can't stop thinking about the possibilities. Can't. Stop. Thinking. Mono. Multi.


Very well done!! Loved the registration technique!! And the cheese cloth effect awesome 👏 .

Виктория Райтен 

enjoy your print. :))


so that's all I need , is a giant press ,


I hate school had this for h/w


James Earl Decena 

So so amazing

Linda Pelati 

I love low budget monoprints




This is the simplest and clearest set of instructions I have ever come across on Youtube - thank you!


This is collagraph, not monoprint.

Orlanda Rivero 

Gracias por compartir.


It is rubber based printing ink.

Aizel Arnigo 

It's so accurate wow. Omg. What kind of ink did you use?

Ged Unsworth 

Cool Video!

Magmochila del Gofres 

The cheesecloth made a really cool effect.


Murat Gunaydin 

the yellow part or yellow form which made printmaking, how is matter or what did you use matter for yellow part.? Plastic???


I use Van Son printing inks.


You really need heavy pressure to get a good image. You may want to check small table presses that are relatively inexpensive. You can get good effects with the smaller presses, too.

fatima ayesha 

if I dont have a press, how can i get such a good pressed effect?

Pam Terry 

Great demonstration, but not sure about brand of ink.


I use rubber based or oil based printmaking inks.

James Lush 

What type of ink?

Angie LupusLife 

This was very interesting and cool. Great video


I love this kind of art, and I can´t believe I saw them the original and the print equal!! nice work!!


Very easy to understand. Thanks for this!


The doily is the repeatable image.

Sherry Venegas 

Orna, I love monoprinting. Very good video.