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How to Make Money on Craigslist

Would you like to make money on Craigslist? It’s not difficult and you can begin today. I’ve been buying and selling goods online for almost 10 years. Over the years, I’ve learned what to do and how to do it on Craigslist.

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I the first ever video. Youtube search is random but it works :)

steve smith 

2:45 Ferris Bueller rides again..

Hans News 

If you can make more money on eBay why don’t people do that instead of Craigslist

once saved always saved 


Thomas Truther 

Why does everyone act like anyone else besides them who uses Craigslist is a killer it's no different than the classifieds in the newspaper people need to stop being brainwashed and start trusting one another. If you can't tell if somebody's ready to kill you or you're not prepared to defend yourself you get what you deserve but I'm pretty sure the quote on quote Craigslist Killer lured stupid bitches into situations they should not have been in if they had any sense


Ok great, you got a good deal on the camera but you need to follow up with how long you had it before it sold and your final sale price. Anyone can buy good deals - the art is in unloading things quickly and turning a hefty profit. Still, I really like your videos. I just came across them and have been watching all day. Thanks for sharing.


The area tho...woods on each side of the road O.oAnd they accepted to meet at their place?!like seriously?a perfect stranger from CL? O.oAnd the other thing is you better plan a budget cuz what happens when you can't resell it?Nevertheless,great video ! I was wondering how to use Craigslist so Thanks.

Patti C 

When dealing with potential antiques, do you have special knowledge of antiques?  If not, how do you determine if antique or not?

Patti C 

Great video. Thanks

Chhaka Luoy 

what happens if you drop the camera on the floor and break it while checking it out?


wow. that footage of him with the gopro on his head walking right into the house. that's insane. that's crazy dedication or him just not giving a fck

Dondre Turnley 

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Luke Parks 

No receipt for tax purposes?

Sarasdad91 Tim 

Never Ever go to someone's house., too dangerous Meet at a well lit public place. I meet at Walmart, Target or Even a mall.


She's like buy the god damn camera already!

Dolores Calaway 

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You are my favorite reselling mentor and I would like to thank you for all the great advice. Thank You!!!


Nice video Pete!


DON'T do CL transactions in your house!!!!!

The Velvet Lounge 

Pete is smart about not letting anyone rush him.

Pople BackyardFarm 

looking forward to hearing more


Dude this is very dangerous. How can they let a man into their house like that?

B Jamin117 

OMg I really love thier house is really beautifull:D


Dude I love this style of live negotiations.Could you group videos on flip profit amounts? As an example this video would be posted under $100 dollar flip videos.Than an other for $200,$300$400 and so on.


what is the name of the money clip

Michael Federman 

Ur one of the few who looks great in a beard keep it on ok ?


I love how people ignore that he has a camera on his head when he's recording these transactions.

Jonathan Lois 

I use craglist for flipping cars. You buy cars from there and resell it :). Made thousands

Jorge De La Peña Flores 

You could make sure it was going to work by only looking at the house :)

Aaron Rios 

Your thumbnail looks sketchy AF


jeez id never let someone walk right into my house from craigslist


I never understand ebay fees. could you explain them? i think there's 2 and another on paypal. no Idea why 3 fees (since paypal is from ebay) could you explain better and how to do the math to actually earn money even with fees?

shaq santiago 

hey , where did you purchase the moneyclip?

Yard Sale Hunter 

Watching some older videos! still stuff i can learn from old videos and new! Pete your one of my top 3 favorite youtubers!!

PADDY 1979 

Good content!

kenny cooper 

Great video!!

Albert Larsen 

Nice video Pete! I'm curious as to what type of camera and how you use it to make your Video's hand free?  Thanks in advance for any help you are willing to share

Glen Buckingham 

ou should join my group for ebay.

J. Armando Castaneda 

Good video!

King Flip 

i knew he had a bad ass whip

Cindy Rogers 

Okay, I'm caught up with all your video's. Can't wait to see your upcoming ones!!! Thanks for sharing! You give a lot of great tips and info!!!!

Samuel Parker 

Great Video......Please make more.

Pudgy Picker 

Do you ever scout anything in the "Free" section?  I have scored some nice items there for myself and to resell.  TFS!