Madico Safety Film Demo - No Film versus Film


Demonstration of glass intrusion with and without safety film applied. #SafetyFilm #ForcedEntryProtection

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He should be breaking the glass around the door handle, then you can reach in and unlock it. Amateurs.

Scott Cornelius 

I think I will take a lock picking class

cop con 

0:16 how can he react like that !! lolz !! I jump out of my chair, too!

Wilcox Tactical 

This video makes no sense. If you're going to test the center punch on glass without film you should test the window with film using the center punch. Using 2 test methods doesnt prove anything.

Its Izzy 

The glass scary


How about taking an axe to it?


From what I've seen on security camera, after 5-6 hit and 10-15 seconds, they just move away as they, most of the time, looking for an easy deal. If it's become to hard and too long, they get away to find a spot easier to get in.

Nathan George 

That's because Madico SafetyShield is one of the premier Safety film products made!


Good glass nice hitting noobking approved


When she says youre overdramatic



bro... toe kicks with loafers on.... howd those bloody toes feel? ok now im getting film

Whitaker's World 

I put something similar on my house but haven't heard of this two layer system and silicon.  Where can I find out more about it?  The link above seems to just bring me back to this video.

u24nhe kim 

This is a film? How can I get one?


Dang! If I was trying to get in there I’d say forget it.... lol


Actual force right there! I was sick of see little pushes and just light banging. Thanks for a REAL demo!

Ronin0087 - 

This guy has some agression issues

The Other Emily 

That dude had some aggression to work out. Like, he got the point across after a couple of seconds, but he kept going at it like he caught his wife with another man.


is the glass clamped at the edges more so than a normal window ?

Johanna Maria Bernal 

I think is really important apply this


He hits HELLA HARD!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!

Ruth Annabelle 

Tempered Glass comes already with a hard to break a film. Misleading advertising.

Daniel Vara 

damn this guy can hit dingers

Campbell Window Film 

good vid!


I hate when they try to compare something and don't use the same method. 👎👎


That is a serious workout!

Domaxpro Réunion 

Film de sécurité pour vitrage, ralenti considérablement l’effraction.


This is the first demo I've seen where the tester really goes after the glass and isn't being gentle with it.

Bond jam3sbond 

then he suddenly realized the door was unlocked lol


After the glass is cracked, what's to keep a (smarter) thief from just taking out his pocket knife and cutting the film?

Dark Glass Film 

Perfeita segurança!

Chris Saylors 

finally someone actually trying yo break the glass!

Jeremy Quick 

I would really like to use this video as a security film demo for my website and maybe on some social media advertising. Would this be okay to use?

sewer tower 

They should add these on phones unless you hit it with a crowbar

Dec Oleary 

i like this particular video because in most safety glass demonstrations the demonstrator tends to be wary of cocking up and easily breaking their companys glass, whereas this man really has faith in his product and conducted this to the viewer

Joann Mclellan 

Looks like the film works well


NO LINK TO PURCHASE THIS FILM? Where can i get it?

Danfuerth Gillis 

Best security though in my opinion is Noise, as that is something that thieves hate for some reason. There is nothing worse to a thief than to walk into a Back yard and hearing a 120 DB sound of a Rottweiler barking down their ass. You swear they will never come back. This was installed by me on a person who wanted to have the "Beware of Dog" sign on their gate but still a thief came in. After the 120 DB Rottweiler  Noise was installed NO ONE EVER came back . In 10 years no one ever attempted to come back. It's really a simple system I made using one of those automatic lights and left a non working light ( on purpose for looks) and wired the sensor to an automated talk box LOL. Anyone who trips the light will be in for a surprise. Also added some fake dog poop for kicks.

I also made another system but used inside the house and it is very similar, however it turns on the lights randomly and it runs a dialog recorded by the home owners talking about mundane crap. I took some Microphones

Sellers C 

100th Subscriber

Cayman King 

The point here is that nobody is going to walk up with a brick and smash your window out and be inside in 3 seconds. They will need tools, and will have to do work.


Its a safety film. Its not designed to stop a army. its designed to slow you down. If you want to stop a army then get the appropriate glass. once someone hits the glass with or without the film, its trash in a commercial setting regardless.


good vid!  how thick is the film and is it installed on both sides?  This is the next thing I want on my house.  to all those knocking this vid, the film is designed to delay entry, not prevent it.  without the film, as this video shows, you have 3 seconds for perp to enter.  with film, its around 1 minute to even breach a hole, let alone get your body through it.  Coupled with reinforced doors and locks that can be unlocked through the hole that was made, you have a good 2-3 minutes easy.   The way I have my set up, within 30 seconds Ill be laying prone in my house with my AR trained on the fatal funnel you will be entering after you finally break through the glass.   See you on the other side, baby!  :)

N.R. F. 

Good demo! the point is that if a thief has to work that hard its not worth it to stick around after the second or third try-  Its 100% better that having no window film-  So whats the problem? BTW smash and grab is a 1-2 punch, what makes it profitable to thieves is that is done quickly! its not a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 punch that equals a boxing mach and hand cuffs- Good video don't mind the haters!


a sledgehammer would have punched through 1st time.

Patrick Hatas 

Wrong tools :) give me a big hammer and i will open the door faster then with the key :) trust me i destroyed thick wall with it


lets see it with an axe


Good demo video!   However, 99% of the time they just through a rock at the glass during a "smash & grab" break-in.  They don't expect the glass to hold together like that, let alone carry a baseball bat and a large crowbar down the sidewalk and risk getting that kind of attention from cops.

Evolution Hurricane Shutters, LLC 

The glass was ruined after the 1st hit. You still have to buy new glass and pay for all of the films AGAIN. Plus, if it doesn't have an approval # for hurricane or security protection, your insurance company won't give you a rebate on your homeowners insurance

Syncro Lord 

If no one driving by called the police in broad daylight, then the film wont save you xD


Window bars don't keep the police from breaking your windows and throwing in a smoke grenade in your house to subdue you. 

Great product - but not insurance approved in the UK, so we have to install security shutters on exposed glass while the commercial premises are unoccupied. However I can see many uses for this in Schools, Shopping Centres and even iPhone / Smart Phone users.... !