Mad skillz. High rise Window Cleaning, Seattle

Teeeroys Window cleaning Keeping it glassy 

What's the deal with the Chicago corners

Danny Spastics 

Hey! Cleaning high rise windows is not an easy task. It needs so much talent, courage, trained employees and power washing equipments. All these things you have already and I am very impressed from your work. Well Done. Visit If anyone wants cleaning high rise windows services in Florida.

Wendel Lopes Barbosa 

Good job, l'm irata ln Barcelona Spain.

gene stephens 

it would be a good video if the camera man was a mute instead of retarded.


Phoenix High Rise Window Cleaners loves your video!!!! Very nice Guys!!

Norm Render 

yeah after I learn every knot in the business, those rubbers are not suppose to be relaxed but as tight ,1/2 extra on both sides

Om Maryankandy 

0:03 That’s What She Said

Jeffery Hall 

How in the amazing fuck do i score a job in this field???!!!!!

Prabodh Kumar Pandit 

I want job our company friend. who to apply my visa and passpot.

Prabodh Kumar Pandit 

I am five years experience high rise window glass cleaning.

Prabodh Kumar Pandit 

Which country are you working friends.

Prabodh Kumar Pandit 

Who much salary per month?

Michael G 

Chair work banned in SF for the most part. Shit we used to do 25 years ago would land you in jail today.


What’s the deal with your safety line you didn’t grab and descend once with it?

ACME Window Cleaning Company, San Diego 

Awesome stuff.. 👍

Sam Cooperman 

Need rubber booties .... touching the windows with bare feet , yes I know he is cleaning down but still

Superb Window Cleaning 

I considered doing this type of work for a business owner who had like 10 buildings in Los Angeles California but thought I'd start from the bottom lol I subscribed to your channel can you subscribe back to my channel as fellow window cleaners in the industry the support would be greatly appreciated 👍

Glass Realms 

Fuck that shit! I'll stick to first story/storefront work..

Kate Goodyear 

This would be a good job for me. I just need to get the right training so I could start working. I would not have to deal with people and can work on my own and I like cleaning and not afraid of heights and I love mountaineering and have annoying Aspergers. This is a perfect job wish it paid more than 15 per hr. It does take a lot of rope training skills and safety skills and window cleaning expert skills.