"Mac or PC" Rap Music Video (Mac vs PC, Apple vs Microsoft)


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Pantless Knights Productions is bringing you its debut project "Mac or PC" whether you like it or not. Video produced by Peter Furia & Beau Lewis. Lyrics by Furia & Beau-J. Music by Pete Nos.


I'm a right-clicka

I'm an iBook flippa

Macs and PCs - no fight gets bigga

Surf Safari or browse in I.E.

Better know what you rep(resent) - a Mac or PC!

USB 1-2.0, son, you don't know

watch my data flow

From MS-DOS command line prompts

Black backgrounds, no special sauce

Well I've only been around since '84

But my ease of use has done so much more

From a Plus to a Classic to a II GS

To a PowerPC, my OS is the best

So clickable, design is lickable

My aqua interface makes XP dispicable

Quick I pull the RAM stick out the slot

Then I swap it with generic

cause the port is hot

If you see life through an LCD

Betta know your brand is it a Mac-or-PC?

Take a look at Vista

enjoy the view

I suggest Premium...

Tomáš Hons 

2019 ☺

Puncher Sponge 

PC is better. Mac just looks nice.

Katipuner boi 2 


Dante Looper 

Well it's 2019, anyone?

Krosna Works 

Mac or PC: Infinity War

KJJX Productions 

how the rols have change #2018macbookprofail

Bo Yang 

For some weird reason, the intro reminded me to look up this song in 2018 😂

Weslei Bruno 

We need one remastered version

Christopher D 

Wow i loved this in year 6!

Look how much technology has changed

myroom isverydirty 

I am a windows guy, I mean...I had windows all my life, I had a windows phone but it was bad, so I decided to run an android phone, no problem so far, but microsoft makes a good phone, I'll buy it.




Still funny 😁

Gabrielle Hurdle 

True rap.

Aryi x 

*god has left the server*

Boulder Holder 

Weird, since the guy who prefers PC look's more like the kinda guy who uses Apple products and vice versa 😂

Happy Sandhu 

2018 anyone?

Dimas Andryansyah 

2005 - 2018. Whoa. Long time!


Nice song.


I don't know why they didn't have the two stay on one side of the screen; always having the PC on the Left and the Mac always on the Right.

MLG Defender 

when windows 10 comes rip mac




watching this in 2018


intel or amd. no choice gets hard, the fansboys get louder....amd gets better and intel gets faster. Its all about tech, but people don't care, another cpu hits the market somewhere. Its time to innovate , its time to upgrade , what will you choose , will you sit back and snooze? open your wallets and pay for intel or amd........ intel or amd money grows on trees......tiny upgrades with intel and amd.......

Bryce Swan 

Like if you’re here in 2018 🤣


This is now the other way around

The Shadow Man 

I watched it for the first time when I got a Mac for the first time ( around 2008 ). It still kicks ass.

Panthera Uncia 

11 years! 11 fucking years! I remember like it was yesterday, when I watched this as kid, lol

Sasha Brixham 

have you heard of LX Xander?


This is my jam!

John Graves 

It’s almost 2018 and this just came into my head and it’s stuck there lol. I still remember the lyrics.

Samriti Gaur 

Mac is a state of mind! Oh yeah


D: I'm a left winger

R: Imma pull that trigger!

Both: Political parties, no fight gets bigger

R: Help the army

D: Or be a commie

Both: Better know if your plan has left or right lean

Tommy Proulx 



Damn I was just trying to get an Tech experts opinion... didnt even know this video existed.

YaBoi M.O.E 

lets get it good shit!

Mtn Dude 

Who watch this video in 2017 ?

mario jerry 

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Bob Bob 

Its kind of amazing that people are still arguing over which glowing light up box is better when there are constant terrorist attacks and other problems around the world, but I guess I'll go fuck myself😊


where is you macOS now boi? xD in garbage

Blueolt Productions 

is she pregnant or just bloated

Adam Hazy 

Still love this 10 years later

Charles Surette 

10 years later and the "Mac is a state of mind" people are still some of the most annoying consumers on the planet.


2017. here

Harsh Patel 



10 years

Kiran Bawa 

this need to become a meme


IE and Safari suck big time!! lol!!


ok ok interesting

Bryan W. Pegado 

Man I cant believe this happened 9 years ago. It feels like yesterday my friends and I joked about this vid.


Macs are better!