Lovely Things (Paris 7th Arrondissement)


Yes, they're superficial I suppose, but I enjoyed seeing them, and I hope you do, too! Those wreaths at the "floral decorator ..." are just the type of thing I can really be a pushover for. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

The métro near here is the 12 line, "Rue du Bac." Paris is generally closed on Sundays, but not entirely. If you visit, try to remember to buy what you need on Saturday. Even many restaurants will be closed on Sundays ... I kind of like it, but it took a bit of getting used to, after about 17 years in New York City!

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... windows, but inside, it was hell! Old layout, horrible old staircase, no elevator, they were so fed up with it! Moving in and out was dreadful, of course, logistically (I often think of that for these "cute" places, especially down tiny alleys so narrow you cannot spread your arms) and they got a "boring" modern place in a near-suburb and are so relieved! I had a good laugh with him. xo


I can see slightly into an apt across my street. Not very well, but I can. I call it "properity house," for some reason. I saw them (him?) move in, put up a cool wall bookshelf, etc. Not far from here, on Rue Jacob, there are two windows above this cool little square on an angle and by day you can't see anything but by night, there is this amazing interior. I call that "real estate envy place." I had a trainee here who happily left his Paris apt. He said it looked charming thru the ...

peter mohlman 

on the west side near the piers there is a little house with a small yard, at night Id look into the windows and admire the interior. I think its the contrast that makes spots like that special. cheers......


Hi, just thinking of you! We both really like that particular building and are not sure why ... maybe for the reason you say! We like weird-shaped buildings, but the vibe on this block is particularly ... serene somehow, even though right off a mammoth avenue! He's working today, hey, holiday pay! xo

peter mohlman 

very nice building. it reminds me of a clearing in the woods. very peaceful and serene. Merry Christmas.


He actually asked me about making them, & I explained you can buy a form (such as of wire) or make one, use all sorts of materials, and they're done for all seasons. Mostly they're for funerals here, and are called "couronnes" (crowns). That's pretty old-fashioned, however. (There are some gorgeous antique ceramic ones still around! I collect those when they end up in cemetery trash!) There's something kind of pagan about a wreath ... I love 'em!


I'm not sure about that situation, either! Protests here of all sorts are frequent. A couple of weeks ago or so, we heard there was actually at least one injury during a gay marriage protest (pro or con, I don't recall what they were doing -- we happened to be in the city by accident that day and traffic was kind of a mess) but normally, even if it gets emotional, it's kind of ... dignified? Is that the word I am looking for? Protests are kinda in the blood here ...


What truth you do speak ...


Thank you so much! I find it stately without being stodgy, and peaceful without being dull. I still don't know if I'd like to actually live in one of the 20 arrondissements ... but there IS incredible variety!!


Aw, thank you! I thought, "What am I going to title THIS one? It's just a lovely little slice o' Paris ... "

Ian Duff 

As usual you outdid yourself again. Fantastic tour.

Amélie Renoncule 

Often those Simple & Superficial things (and circumstances) become pathways to a more profound reality. As you are all too aware.


I never did follow what ended up happening with the gay marriage situation in France after the massive protests. I think the majority of people are against it, even in some pretty urban areas according to some maps a French friend has been posting. Would you believe the US is around 55 percent for it now?

Glad you got to smell pine again!


I used to make those kinds of wreaths in my store. I loved using cedar leaves as a base because they have a wonderful smell, but I used pine also.