Long Windshield Crack Repair DIY (What doesnt work)


In this video, I show you how to repair a long windshield crack. I attempted to do it on an older windshield crack and due to dust build up over time it makes it much harder to fully make the windshield crack go away. But we were able to make it a little better and hopefully stop the crack from spreading.

You can find the windshield crack repair kit Here: https://amzn.to/2MTcIhP

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Mr Ed 

I just called the shop and I was told they wont repair anything longer than 2 inches crack...lol thats stupid just want you to pay for a new glass $500 smh

R L 

This is a very cost-effective product, no need to replace the glass, the purchase here is very cheap, only $11, including shipping costs:http://bit.ly/2LtIfGU

tony mcdaniel 

Anytime the crack touches the side of the windshield the integrity and safety of the windshield is gone and repairing cracks that touch any side can result in the windshield caving in and no repair company should ever repair one that does ,if they do sue them

George Bone 

Next time...drill the holes on both sides of the crack and clean the crack with a razor and some compressed air..otherwise good job for your first time

Natasha j 

I’m gonna watching this through a phone with a cracked screen 🤪

Joseph Horvath 

this product is meant for chip repairs not long cracks. says so on the package. probably why it didn’t work

Blues Man 

Why didnt you just go over it again

Rodney Ochs 

So it’s been about 3 months? How’s the crack?