Lone Star Beer - Beer Review - The National Beer Of Texas

Alan R 

Lone Star rules tastes great I wish they sold em in N.Y.

Jimi Davis 

Drank alot of Lone Star working in Texas in the 90's. Damn good beer!

Keith Hanes 

I been drinking lone Star beer for 40 years.damn good beer I can't drink any other beer cold lone star beer and good old country music

Hell yeah

Clancy Woodard 

My absolute favorite beer

Aaron Villarreal 

Best beer ever!!!! Hands down! Texas born and bred just like me... and how could you beat the price... 2.25 a 16oz can at any bar in texas!


Reminds me of Alamo beer from king of the hill haha

Jeffrey Marsh 

Skoggit. Food City in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area just started selling Lone Star beer for the first time ever. It priced in at $6.99 for a six pack of bottles. I did a taste challenge between Lone Star and PBR. I found Lone Star to be less sweet than PBR and more breadier tasting. And those are good things. Lone Star did not have that weird PBR smell either. I found Lone Star to be a lot better than my recollections of Bud, Miller, and Coors.

Michael Jurney 

I really like your review. Lone Star is a well made simple beer!

Paul Kallmeyer 

Just bought a bottled case and your not wrong I'm living in Kansas and was born in Austin TX and it harder than hell to find

Wyatt Aleman Jr. 

My Dad always loved some Falstaff Beer, it was founded 1903 and discontinued in 1990, then died in 2005. He like Lone Star Beer, but He loved Falstaff the most.


LONE STAR. Tried some just today and all be goddam, it's some good fuckin brew!!! :D

Hank, the Angry Drunken Dwarf 

Lone Star all the way my friend!

Neff Moret 

Never had it iam ganna try it looks tasty

Phil Thomas 

Hey Skoggit! I'm a new subscriber to your channel. Love your videos and beer reviews! I live in Newark Ohio and I keep hearing you talk about Lone Star beer and I recently found some in my area! Well, I bought a six pack and have to admit that I can definitely see what the rave is all about. It's AWESOME! So glad I found it in my area in Ohio. Didn't know it was sold outside of Texas. Would appreciate a shout out sometime. I'm cracking open a cold one right now in your honor. Keep up the great work! Have you tried Yuengling yet? Maybe review that one if you can find it. Take care!

Asian Persuasion.2002 

Lone Star beer. Rust Cohle's favorite.

jclaude wong 

a cup of lone star beer for meemaw's brisket recipe!!!

Chad Shokrollahzadeh 

I have never tried Lonestar Beer, although I am a huge fan of Genesee Beer, another regional brew. There is just something about these regional beers that sets them apart from your typical "macro" beers in my opinion. They all provide their own unique flavor, history, and variety to the beer drinking world.

Shane Richardson 

Apparently east Tennessee is a foreign country.

Too Throwed 

Damn right "If you can't find lonestar where you live, you're in a foreign country" one of my go to cheap beers 🍻

Alisherka_89 Alisherka 

gudd bear

Cliff Currier 

That's how I feel about Coors Xtra gold which ain't around now.

Cliff Currier 

This is somewhat of a biased review lol..

Randy Zeitman 

I am going to get some. Any difference whether it’s in a can or a bottle?


Extremely disappointed I can't get it outside the USA. Would like to try the favorite beer of one of my favorite youtubers haha. Enjoying your beer reviews, keep it up!

Blue Blue 

I don't drink anymore; but when I did, my favorites were Amstel Light, Sam Adams and Bud Light lime.

Jamie Hubbard 

I’m from Louisiana and my friend got his cousin to bring us some so I️ finally got to try it for the first time, I️ was so excited and definitely not disappointed!

Philip Clayton 

This beer has made it to Indiana it's pretty good

Danny Rossa 

Your beer videos are great! Got to look for lone star beer here in CT

Adam Nevill 

Good stuff.

Tom Gee 

Nice , We live up north ànd dont have it in my state. thanks

The Suey 

Is lone star available in New Mexico?

Hector Duron 

i got some lone star beer skoggit and i liked it good video


Thanks for sending me back for this one. CHEERS Mr. Skoggit. Nice talking to you. =)


Nothing like an ice-cold Lone Star!

light up 

Very good man,good heart and good vibes!Thank you for your videos and may life be good for you!Peace

silver shark 

good review

Joshua R. 

Tennessee here and I've never seen or heard of this beer sadly enough​

Wayne Banks 

I must live in a foreign country I've never seen it in any of the stores in Georgia

The Suey 

Do a review of Lone Star light


We've got it here in Poland now! I just about died when I saw it in a small shop near my house, lol.

J Mac 

Lone Star beer was founded by Adolphus Busch, the creator of Budweiser, and some other San Antonio businessmen in 1884. The man knew how to make some beer!

jerad Liberty4560 

I've never seen it here in Colorado would really like to try it I'm a big Budweiser Drinker not Bud Light straight bud!

George Texstel 

It has been quite a while, but once upon a time this beer was quite good! It probably still is.

Easier to find Shiner these days. Both are emblems of Patriotism and maybe good taste!

Wayne Banks 

Never seen it where I live in Northern Georgia


great review. i love lonestar beer. its a simple, good ol fashioned beer. hits the spot on these hot texas summer days.

Washington Redskin 

This beer looks amazing and I want to try it, but the government won't allow it into the country because it is a suspected carcinogen.


I agree with u. I love lone star. I reviewed it on my channel, look up Jason veal lone star beer review. check it out.


Going to Texas this july buying this and bringing this home to Missouri. Hopefully I can bring it into the airport in my luggage


Enjoy your reviews skogget! Love drinking some Lone Star when I'm cooking a brisket... Nothing says Texas like a hot pit and a cold beer....


Never had this beer before coming from Georgia. Now I Want to try one after watching your review. thanks for the info. Can you do a review on Stella Artois beer too. thanks you