Logo Quiz Superb Level 6 - All Answers - Walkthrough


Happy New Year!

1700 Guess brand logo in the Logo Quiz Superb guessing game!

Logo Quiz Though a fun guessing game that you can guess over 1700 logos of different brands and companies.

Do you like to play games such as puzzles, quizzes, trivia game icon? How many brand or company you may recognize from all over the world? Superb Logo is logo quiz game for your best guess! You can not only have fun guessing on this game, but also learn a lot of knowledge of different brands or compaines worldwide!

How to guess the logo: Just walk through all the icons in a certain degree, right-click on an icon and you'll be shown a series of scrambled letters, in which you need to take a word that you think it is called logo. After you unlock a certain amount of the icons, a new level will be unlocked and you can guess the logo!


* Over 1700 logo guess over 30 levels!

* Full Display icon after you guess the exact logo

* Useful clues and concrete! Each icon has three suggestions.

* Leaderboard...