Live UI/UX Design with Zack London 1 of 3


Join product and UX designer Zack London as he walks through the entire process of UX design with tips & tricks along the way! First Zack will teach us strategy for user journey and design concepts and then he’ll apply these concepts as he develops a fictional app ‘Uber for furniture.” From research & ideation to designing & prototyping, watch and learn as Zack transforms an idea into an experience in Adobe XD!

Zack has worked with agencies, nonprofits and startups since 2009 and is currently the senior user experience designer at Ammunition. His past clients include: Ember, Cafe X, Beats by Dre, Fossil and Polaroid.


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Introduction: 3:00

Covering concepts (kickoff & immersion, strategy, user journey, design concepts): 7:30

Brainstorming session: 26:00

How to develop a user journey concept: 39:00

How to license Adobe Stock in XD: 1:11:30

Overview of today’s app: 1:...

ole usted que mira 

This app actually exists now, is called Furnitour and is getting some traction among early adopters

Adhitya Poernama 

"If you can just...go on the floor for a minute, this is kind of important" "oh sure"

*then switched the monitor"


Colin Flynn 

Zack London is the bay area's top designer.

rajan r 

i learned a lot from you guys! thanks to you.

tijan baba 


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