LIVE from my IUI today. Lol. This was my first IUI and I was on 150mg of clomid with NO trigger shot. Today was day 14 and first peak day.

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angel angel 

Did it worked

Pushpa Inje 

Hey hii m also now doing this IUI process.

Bela Maraña 

Hi.. I'm bela from Philippines. Im searching IUI procedure then your vlogs came out. I am schedule to undergo IUI procedure tomorrow and praying for a positive result. :)

Rashmi Arya 

behosh krke ye procedure kiya ja sakta hai

Rashmi Arya 

iui painful hai kya

marie campana 

hate speculum🤬

Sem Ragn 

I think I will start following your VLOG. It seems detailed to me. Like exactly what you guys will be doing step by step. I have come across several of them. I think it is a good idea by the way. Especially if you have followers. So they know how far you are in your fertility struggle. Whether the procedure will be a success or not. If it will be they will know exactly how to carry out the procedure. If not, then they will know what to avoid. In life it is the small things that make a difference. Bio tex com clinic also has a vlog that explains their procedures. In which I do find it very educative. Perhaps people could embrace the technology to do the same too. People will be finding such information online. Rather than going to the clinic physically to know something that you would have seen online. Keep up with that spirit.

Camille Nanjala 

I can imagine how anxious one is in the road to fertility. Like how all these procedures are like. One will be so swallowed with the whole reality. But I am glad that I took the journey. Maybe I could take this opportunity to encourage others too. To not give up or be afraid to attempt new heights. Nothing good comes easily. We have to try our best in conquering our fears. To make sure that we soar higher than what people think of. Bio tex clinic took me through this journey. And today I can say I am proud of how far I am.  Dealing with things that are going to be first trial will seem difficult. But when one has done enough research. It will no longer look like something that complicated. The procedures are mainly explained to individuals who are going to attempt it at first trial.

Mia Sai 

From what I saw, I'm convinced that it's not painful.

dewal sharma 

Ye live iui hai. Bewkoof banate ho logo ko.

Georgiann Heinly 

This was great to see-We are doing our first round of IUI next month and I have no idea what to expect so thanks for sharing! :)


Fingers are crossed for you!!! I'm on femara this cycle but no IUI for me yet. Sending you baby dust!

Haley Mason 

Can't wait to see you test! Best of luck❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angel Galvan 

Waiting for an update! Can't wait to see that positive test 😍😍😍

Erica Gilbert 

Thank you for sharing your story. Best wishes and baby dust flying your way ;-)

Nettie Tells It All 

TEARS OF JOY!!! I am super duper happy for you!!! EEEEEKKKK!!! Praying everything goes wonderfully well for you!! <3

Samantha Pellerin 

Sticky baby dust!!!

Mommy Siren 

I totally just watched you get pregnant!!! <3 Stick baby stick!!!

Adriana Bracco 

Praying for a sticky bean and lots of baby dust!!!!!❤️❤️❤️