Let's Define Racism


In this Video, my friend Franchesca Ramsey of MTV Fame and I embark on a journey to Define Racism. Along the Way, she and her Decoded Team will act extremely Racist, and I'll point it out!!



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TL;DR Debunks Black History Video - https://youtu.be/860FnDGISNg


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Micah Atkins 

...........you are a professional racism denier. You're purposely omitting context & cherry picking clips to challenge. Who or what kind of person feels compelled to create a video to discredit claims of racism? Do you do the same for the elimination of racism? If you don't feel it's necessary to point out the, close to, thousands of hate groups across America ......then don't pretend to be someone who's setting "the record straight".

Sanitys Void 

Hahahaha this video ( some of the characters ) so full of shit it's not even funny. Describing the characteristics of how a racist might treat other races is not racism it's only a description of how they might act. Racism only has one definition and that is the belief that one race is superior to other races. That's it. So no matter how much someone hates a person of another race so long as they do not believe they are superior because of their skin color then guess what? Leftist loons are mis apply the words you use. SO much for your educational superiority. All you have is a bigot or a biased person. You might also have someone who's prejudiced. Of course these are all different things you lump into one basket. Here is a kicker to add, if you have come to your conclusions based on well reasoned thought, you are not even prejudiced because well lets look up the definition......(1) : preconceived judgment or opinion. There you go. Now stop calling everyone a racist jack asses.


Great content, very thoughtful! I really like the points you made. Subbed!

Joseph F0ol 

There should be no pride in any race. the only pride is the pride you create for yourself.


lol reminds me of the video about whitewashing roles, and there is a petition to make the people producing the "Ghost in the shell" movie to recast the lead role. It is purely driven by race. Isn't great to live in a time where it is only okay to be racist towards white people?

Wondering Wolf 

Do I look like someone who owns a ranch in Colorado???

Ibrax .D 

Oh and in some movie i sae the therm REVERSED RACISM used as SOFT BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONS.

It made sense in that way. Dont know when and how this actualy came to mean racism towards whites... I gues it spreded too fast, the people didnt have the time to actualy think about it, so it changed the meaning.

Felix -Gaming- 

Man, your avatar is just so cool..... your points are good too but your avatar is just awesome. Good choice.

Yersinio Pestis 

Minorities can in fact be racist (anicdotal evidence ahead). My grandfather, who is half mexican half phillipino, would not talk to my mother at all when she dated a black guy until they broke up (not to mention he thinks Obama is the worst president ever, even worse than Nixon apparently). My mother and her sister (who are half white and the rest mexican and phillipino) were called half breeds by my grandfather's sister. I have been called a haoli (hawaiian slur for white people) and several other lovely words on several occasions by "minority people". My father could never become a store manager because of the heavy adherence to affirmative action in Hawaii. The idea that racism is power + prejudice is really fucking stupid and I can't believe people would ever believe in that shitty definition.

Mr. Shiny Pants 

Under this bullshit definition, the KKK can't be racist since they wield no power.

Krissanne Cattrell 

Is the wolf your artwork?


Great video, subbed :D


subbed tho.

Will Jonassen 

You said you weren't an expert in sociology, and like most, probably not in much else (I mean an expert is specialized in one thing mainly right?). Who can blame you? Your specialty's different, and that's fine for disclosure...

But you've got saying "unbelievable" down to a tee. Like butter. It's like'a gourmet pepperoni. *muah * Arrivederci!

Hell, I'd send you a PhD. in that alone right now if I didn't have my diploma-mill -- I mean licensing -- revoked for "frode."

Or frowd? Frwwrood... ff-ffffrud... Freowdd... frrruid... eh, for being crazy.

Good luck, and godspeed, you clever canine son-of-a-gun.

Peach Balie 

"What I remember is how you spoke up for me, I don't need you to explain why something is racist or offensive to me."

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, sorry, what *I* remember is all those times Franny got offended by cultural appropriation on the behalf of other cultures. X'D She just gets better and better!!

Moreth The Rogue 

Hagbard brought me here. Your commentary persuaded me to sub. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the folks who don't make videos.




How do you have 20 subs?

I mean, people have asked me the same before, but really. What?!

You're a great content creator.


"Look: everyone should be allowed to have pride in who they are. Unless they're white."