Let's 100% Oblivion Part 188 - Finale


Welcome to the Finale of Let's 100% The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Hey! I was wondering where I could send you fan art of Dar'vesh? I absolutely love the bugger and would love to draw him a million times! :)

Mashrur Wahid 

Finally Ended binging the play through .

It was awesome .

Though some episodes you were frustrated about peoples complains it affected 3-4 episodes .

But IDC superb play through I just wish it has more views. Maybe One day it will have .


I dare you to do 100% daggerfall ☺

Warrior of the Wasteland 


Warrior of the Wasteland 

6:35 I should HOPE your Block skill increases from deafeating a MASTER of Block, simply by blocking.

shrak_ ogrelord 

Hey Gv. I am pretty young and i didnt think i would find any enjoyment out of this game. I knew my family had the game because my older brothers would play it all the time. I decided to watch your playthrough before playing it. I found out you dont have to be older to find enjoyment out of this game. I have done almost everything this game has to offer from the arena to the thieves guild. What i am trying to say is that this series has brought me so much joy and it really sucks to see that it is ending. After this i will start a new character and relive all those memories. I cant wait to see what you put out in the future. Elder scrolls or not i still am going to watch your videos👍


Whose been here since Skyrim??

Sarah Gardner 

GV, I have to say this. Since your skyrim 100% let's play I have been inspired to play video games more. Through hours of skyrim, oblivion, fallout, the witcher, and now more, I have realized one thing. Video games are the only things that make the voices in my head shut up. Yes, I am schizophrenic and bipolar too. One devastating side of my disorder is suicide. I fight it on a daily basis with video games and I have you to thank for that. You were the reason I started gaming, thus coping, and thus staying alive. You have saved my life so many times, GV. I am eternally grateful for you and for the work you do. I hope this message receives you and you truly understand how much you mean to me. I love you, man (not like that) and I always will.


Also loved the finale. Had me in tears. Always hate it when my favorite series I've invested hours of watch time in ends. Anyways, fantabulous playthrough. Can't wait for dark souls to get going! <3


Sarah Gardner

Foetie Au 

Wait GV, this let's play is already over?? But I wanted to catch up to it before it ended and I'm still at episode 92... Love the series by the way, just like the Skyrim let's play. Looking forward to watching this series till the end, I recently discovered you but your video's are amazing


Fantastic LP GV. Well done mate. Contemplating watching your Skyrim 100% as well. Congrats on your continued success and getting your house. I watched you play dragon age on twitch on Monday. It was great. Happy New Year and all the best of luck.


Honestly, it’s been a ride. Ik I’m a week late with the comment but whatever lol. Dar’Vesh will always be in my heart, and as everyone says, it is truly sad to see Dar’Vesh’s path come to a final end...I did buy a shirt to remember him tho lol. This ride has been a rollercoaster, and tbh this play through has helped me with my gameplay with Oblivion (a little lie since I barely play it, more like never but you got me into getting the game😂) and I’m already at lvl 5 with a great start in speechcraft (when I played, too much and too lazy to ever play it just sits in my XBox XD). It’s my opinion, but I just put you above a lot of YouTubers when it comes to Elder Scrolls Gameplay (I know you’re taking a break until probably about Elder Scrolls 6, saw that video. Can’t wait to watch your Dark Souls 100% series!) because I love your commentary and I love how you embody your character and make the choices that Dar’Vesh, if you were him, would make. I don’t know, but this adventure has been so

Harmoniche Varenya 

kudos to your dedication, dude, gonna miss this series

A Diablo Player 

Next 100% playthrough:



Vana, I feel like I've grown so much with you the past few years and I'm sure there's many more that feel the same! You have more than just viewers and subscribers. You have a family here on YouTube. Thank you for all that you do and creating amazing content. Congrats on the house! Cheers to 2019 being a year full of good vibes and growth. Lots of love.

Jay Murray 

Congratulations on finishing your 100% Oblivion series. F.Y.A. You’re playing style (including off topic ramblings, which add to your charm) Puts you among the greatest “let’s play” Elder Scroll/Fallout Tubers of all time! Quite a feat to be placed in the same company as “Gopher” keep up the entertainment. Great Job!


So sad to see this end. Been here since the Skyrim LP. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this GV!


I got to know your channel through this series. Binged watched/listened until part 120 or so and then I didn't want to wait for the new episodes to air, because I wanted to keep binging. So I decided to binge 100% Skyrim. Took a few weeks to be frank, but the upside is: BINGING OBLIVION! It was really cool to follow both these characters through their journey. I'd happily do it again.

Mystical Vaporeon 

This was truely amazing i wish he had more subs because he is underrated

R S 

I remember watching your first Oblivion play through and that’s why I subscribed. Upsetting that this 100% is finally at its end but thank you for providing us with this content. Look forward to your next project!

Jay Norsworthy 

Merry Christmas Vana I'm currently on episode 46 of this series but vanasaur and vans vtolic I finally finished happy holidays

Geralt Grey-Mane 


Been wondering do you use W10? and have you goten the bug? not sure if it is a bug but in Oblivion and Fallout 3 and only those two games the music after maby 1h+ a werid

crackling sounds appears during the music and its very annoying so for now i dont even have music on instead i listen to music from youtube.......didnt have this problem in W7 at all

x( Help? anyone?

Jacob Carr 

Who would win in a fight Dar'Vesh or Adronach?

Ghost Hawk 

What would you play first oblivion Skyrim or Witcher 3 haven’t played any of them

Patriotic Josh 

Every time I see the end of a GV 100% series I feel strange positive emotions and I’m very happy you’re becoming a homeowner !! Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year buddy you deserve it !!! I hope the next 100% is New Vegas !!


Absolut unit


Hey, Grohlvana did you know you're in a PewDiePie video?


I just started this 100% let’s play two days ago by accident without realizing this series just ended lol. I’ll see myself here again in the near future when I’m on the final episode (I haven’t watched this episode as of yet), so hello future-me!

Luquier the Darknebularstar 

Sad that the let's play has come to the end, been watching this series since episode 1. Can't believe it that 188 episodes past by so fast. I love this series, I haven't watched finished the one on Skyrim, but I'll be sure to watch it again once I replayed Skyrim later XD! Keep up the good work GV!

Mojo Maniac 

What game next

Slayer Did it Better 

I kept up with the first 44 episodes, watching them whever they came out. I always said I'd catch up but I never could haha. Great series as always.


great finale Grohlvana and great video!!! i am looking forward to your other new games.

Nick Egberss 

I have seen every video of this series and i got to say: Nice job man! Looking forward to next year. Have a nice christmas and new year.


AAAAH I DON'T WANT IT TO END ;-; Why must all good things come to an end?

TheBurning Blaze 

step 1 : take a break

step 2 : make 2 new series to please both new and bethesda fans? (any game + fallout nv 100% basically)

step 3 : ???

step 4 : profit...lots of profit ( or at least that's what i hope you'll get (and do) )

Michael Keith 

I’m gonna miss it, I remember after the first episode I got on oblivion and made my character look exactly like Dar’Vesh and I named him Dar’Nesh because I’m SoOoOo original haha but this has been an incredible series beginning to end, love the dedication you put into your vids man, cheers 👍

Sam The Man 

Fallout 2 coming soon?

Kelly Castleberry 

I would love to see you play Dragon Age Inquisition!

The Moon Is Real 

can you play Dark Souls Remastered next?

The Moon Is Real 

Next Series: Let's 100% Fallout New Vegas (Or 3)

Pedro Henrique Braun 

And to our New Fellows Adventurers of Oblivion, a deep Secret is Revealed... Never put Athletics as a Major Skill D:

Daniel Graham 

I have to admit the look on Dar’vesh’s face made me crack up immediately, a smug sense of superiority that only cats can achieve. A perfect end to an excellent series. Well done, GV well done indeed.

Legend Taylor 

Can you do skyrim moded as a mage

Victor Torell 

U my Main man, love u for doing this, right in my childhood heart

Pixel Platypus 

You're videos are literally the only videos I watch. you're absolutely amazing Grohlvana

Frankie Chambers 

And now that I finished the episode. The shirt is amazing and I’m definitely getting one!!!

Frankie Chambers 

I can’t believe this is the last episode. GV this series was so nostalgic and Super excited to see what’s to come on your channel!!!!

Ashy bathy 

Woah, I can't believe we're at the end!

Thomas Jenkins 

Will you be doing morrowind


How come you wore the gray cowl for some kills and didn’t for others?

Here to call you out on your bullshit Linda Ok 

And now I’m depressed