Legal Help for Victims of Stalking and Cyberstalking in Florida

U Stampfli 

That is just so disgusting. Clearly the type of people who do this need mental help!

Montana Banana 

Does anyone know what to do if im experiencing a lot of PTSD from a stalker and stabbing 2 years ago. i hate when ppl talk about their problems on freakin youtube but im dealing with nightmares, fainting spells and some embarrassing personal issues like wetting the bed as like side effects. Im a male and 26 years old i feel like a baby but its just getting worse as the months go by. I know the obvious thing would be to see a shrink but I don't know how to explain it but i feel like that would be making me relive it all over again. I can't begin to explain how much I've been going through now. I was stalked non-stop by this guy twice my age at a bar I met. He kept coming up to me at the bar and we got into an altercation after he wouldnt leave me alone. I was followed home and for 5 months of failed advances at my apartment door he became so hateful like i screwed him over so bad. it was hell from there. I got death threat, after death threat on my door. i was followed everywhere almost

mich boss 

tampa police will not help u if ur stalked unless you are touched or at front of ur door..police say the can stalk u as long as there vehicle is on public property. I gave up..police do not help.