Lebanon: KFC restaurant set alight by protesters


Protesters in Lebanon's Tripoli set fire to a Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food

restaurant and chant slogans against the Pope during riots sparked by a US

film insulting the Prophet Mohammad.

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amine amine 


abou omar ابي عمر 

They are awers


This land was sold to Parliament speaker Nabeh Berri..and he has been trying to kick "America" the tenant for the past 5 years and was not able due to long term rent contract..so he brought in those gangs to destroy their business and force them to close..this story is well known around in tripoli..!!!


thats true my friend!!! i see many similarities between christian Lebanese and with us Greeks!!! we look the same !!

Jack Johnson 

Well shit&giggle. Who woulda thunk it? That stinkin' Colonel Sanders made the film. I always thought that it was that sneaky Ronald Mcdonald behind the movie. Now that U finally have the culprit, calm your rage boy of Islam ass down and start acting like civilized human beings before us Americans come over there and calm it down for U


Mohamad hates Krispy Kremes


damn infidel chicken nuggets! xd

CaLi BiN CaLi 

maasha allah

CaLi BiN CaLi 

أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله ، و أشهد أن محمداً عبده و رسوله

Soran moradi 

نحن مسلمون نحب نبينا محمد، وأيضا جميع الأنبياء

Robert Desnoes 

not one black man throwing anything at KFC, if you listen u can hear the black muslims saying " lets get burger king instead".

Mohamed Ibrahim ElShamy 

that will teach them to warm up my freaking chicken before giving it to me :D


Minor maths lesson. There are over 1 billion Muslims, 1.4 bn current estimate but let's take 1 billion for the sake of simplicity. 10% of a billion equals 100 million, 1% equals 10 million, 0.1% equals 1 million. 0.01% equals 100,000. So how many Muslims protested? If it was a majority, 51%, that would require 510 million Muslims to protest. Anyhow nice to see you can appreciate a KFC recipe whilst discussing politics and the finer points of religion. Anyhow take care and peace.


دافع عن الرسول ..باخلاق الرسول


I don't eat KFC anymore because they don't serve the original recipe. I'll just make my own chicken.


If you are a KFC customer you are not eating the original recipe. The original KFC recipe taste better. They also said the gravy and bread recipe is also not original. You could try research it in wikipedia on subject Kentuck Fried Chicken. You could ask your uncles, aunts or the old folks how the real KFC chicken taste like. They will tell you the original tasted better.




Everyone Find Who is the Prophet Muhammad and read about morals and then after piece thinking why Muslims defend him, Mohammed prevent alcohol and prevent sex Sacred and prevent hitting the face even prevent four things are 1 Do not waste money on something unhelpful 2 attention flesh and Health 3provide good work for people age 4 not miss the trivial things Muhammad was a nice even with the animals and was the dearest friends Bilal, a black skin


If the film about the alleged Jewish Holocaust was not the producer of the film prison for non-Muslim knows that Muhammad is the spirit of Islam and Muslim lives cheap in front of sanctities and their Prophet Mohammed

pierre harb 

USA is hurt now




I am glad they burn down that KFC restaurant because its not original. Go ahead burn it all down.


bro it the fucking Muslims in Lebanon that are destroying the country :(


I don't know about you guys, but I think it'd be pretty cool to see Northern Africa and the Middle East turned into a giant sheet of radioactive glass.


O Messenger of Allah Indeed, I love you


Allahu Akbar

Matty T 

Fucking savages and yet their religion promotes peace, ye right! They shouldn't let any of these fucking people in our country.


Nothing says religion of peace more than going around killing, raping and beating people while destroying anything 'western'.


Third World mentality.


meanwhile.... "Shi'ite movement Hezbollah has hung banners along the airport highway greeting Benedict with a picture of him and texts in Arabic and French saying: "Hezbollah welcomes the pope in the homeland of coexistence".

Nearby, the movement - which Israel and the United States consider a terrorist group - put up Arabic-only banners for local consumption with a different message: "Welcome to you in the homeland of resistance.""

now we know whothe real good guys are..not the monkeys above


no wonder...got a kfc bucket on a hardees sign...the world is so confused...

Professional Bob 

It's like the London riots. I'm pretty sure people are just using that film as an excuse to riot and burn US symbols.


Well the asshole that made the film sure got the reaction he was looking for. Good job commander prick.


It wasn't a US film.

This world has gone bat shit crazy, all of it.