Lawyer; Georgia Police Officer Stalked & Hunted Fleeing Black Man


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BLʌcK MʌGiK 

black women and white boys are celebrating

macaroni toni 

Trump racist demonic ass will make sure he walk


They leave us no choice but to return fire if u want to live


White people are the problem not police


If you want this to stop, the only way is through Gun Ownership. I bet if all Black people became legally armed and exercised their 2nd Amendment rights, America would be forced to listen. Or deal with 70million Black People Armed with AR15s. I want every Black person to the remember that the 1rst Amendment is only backed up by the 2nd Amendment. Without the 2nd Amendment the 1rst will be removed. Once the 1rst or 2nd Amendment is gone we will all become slaves again. Get Armed today.

Walter Hunter 

Black people stop missing your jury duty because if we protect ourselves against these racist cops we just might need you on that jury because we will be indicted


Man no matter how bad the perp is, you have to apprehend them correctly if in law enforcement! Crazy right here. What the hell did the man do to elicit this madness. Put this mutant UNDER THE JAIL!


Charged and convicted are two different things. Furthermore, by not releasing the video. It gives them time to doctor it


Us blacks are truly hated in America! What's new?! 🤔

Concerning Violence 

Why keep reporting on stuff like this? bm aren't going to do anything, so why bother?

Kamilla Harris 

In the comments SMH... If you know he's not going to actually serve prison time yet you fail to boycott stores and businesses and rebuild communities you must be OK with this

Isaiah Musa 

RIP To my friend my brother my homie Tony "Punch" Green ill keep your memories fresh in my mind and my heart bro God Bless Rest in Paradise#Ourlivesmatter


What is the law behind body cams? How can the police withhold that type of evidence? What is the point of having body cams if they aren’t going to use them

Judy Childs 

He should have gotten first degree murder!!! Stalkings is a crime!!!

Michael O 

My belief is that all black men should start taking care of these cave beasts. We should start protecting ourselves and an eye for an eye is what will get their attention...PERIOD!


Yeah right, Their afraid of blacks, they love to hunt, seek and destroy their prey.. A serious mental condition...

Leonard Cassiberry 

If he don't go to jail he will die.

Andre Forde 

Mr. Platt, you spent so much time spouting propaganda and your personal opinion, that the video was almost over by the time you related any details of the story. It's an interesting story, but now I'll have to go and research it for myself. More fact, less opinion please.

Last Greatest 

Separation is the answer.

Miss Chantell 

My black family, REMEMBER, we have TROLLS, that pretend to be black and say, nasty things about blacks, lets NOT RESPOND, to them stalkers. PEACE

Facts Talker 

He ll go to jail, and put in protective custody with folks like himself scum of the eart & do his time in peace! Sad ass savage

Jeanette Johnson 

And yet these are the same devils that so many Black men and women are having intimate relationships with. Everyday all day.

Jerry O-M 

Fight the power...then let mother nature take care of the rest of those white racist oath-breaking pieces of shit .

Thankful For His Grace 

Lamentations 4:18

Maxjulian Coleman 

All those coward cops that murder should be stalked, hunted and decapitated.

Mr Shelton 

Sounds about white


Well...this thug behind a badge needs to suffer the same fate.....


horus heru 

Unusual??? They murder people in cold blood daily and brag about it.. Amerikkka has lost its "Soul" a long time ago.. These people don't even think killing other human being is a bad thing. These creeps are demonic and possessed like many in this generation. Its not just whites Who are demonicly posessed with murder in their hearts either. Have you seen Chicago lately?

Him Reddy 

😤Not impressed


Me & You 

The black man has friends and family, they should do the honorouble thing, stalk and hunt down this man in return, after all, these are but the metrics in nature.

Derrick Foster 

The officer should've been publically hung by his racist neck!

Derrick Foster 

The racist cop should be stalked and hunted like an animal...then shot!


Neanderthug got what he deserve


Firing is useless, start going after there peace officers license.

The Black Shadow 


Stevie J 

Shit is not manslaughter fuckin 1st degree

Blaque Reign 

This Racist has been waiting his whole life to kill someone black ,Thank god he came up in the age of video, Just imagine how many times they have gotten away with murder in the last 400 years.

Oddio Discourse 

He should've got first degree. That's premeditated if he stalked and killed that man

Tito Hornbuckle 

Go fund me whites give him $400000 for the kill!!!

Pamela Taylor 

Sorry to hear this but come ladies some of y'all have got to do better with your male children this guy should've been in dental school or something and it always over silly stuff

S Smalls 

He'll be hired by another department.


He's not going to jail. All this is just to appease black folks, the jury will let him go.