LAWSUIT! Is Uber Ripping Off Drivers?!


Has Uber been ripping off drivers? Watch! This could be BIG!


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Uber Hints 

How do you think this is gonna turn out? I'm guessing Uber will draw it out, but who knows?

A Dalis 

What do you expect? They misclassified drivers, evaded public utility laws and regulations, paid no employment benefits and had you sign a dirty agreement that gave them the power to control pricing and collect payments from customers and disburse whatever amount they think you are entitled to. You the driver has some options:

1. Quit and find another job

2. Sue them and get your money back

3. Protest and rally with other drivers until they take you seriously and negotiate better compensation

4. Get with other drivers and organize a local TNC and encourage the customers to boycott them and support you

5. Contact your representative and ask them to regulate Uber/Lyft like any other taxi company

6. Keep on exposing them until customers are upset enough to trash them out and go somewhere else.

Remember, there are many drivers who are too desperate for work to fight back, customers like the low fares, courts are mixed up on how to classify drivers and lawmakers are not all dec


They still do this in NYC. This happened to me yesterday and I have proof on my app. They charged rider 31 and only gave me 13 and Uber kept 60%

Robert Best 


Enrique Zapata 

I know for in fact Uber charge more to the rider and pay the driver less

I had a ride were the rider paid 29.95 and i got paid 14.00 dlls.

Uber actually takes almost 55 per cent on every ride.

Just look at the fees they impose on each ride minus the money they pocket

and you see the results.

Gerardo Cuestas 

You -Uber CEOS- are the most dishonest people ever in this shitty capitalism. Uber's investors and its shameful CEO consider themselves the only humans with the right to put bread on their tables and to have a fantastic life plenty of fulfillness, while have no regard whatsoever not even the human basic needs of those that they call "partners".

Partners, yeah.... partners, my balls!!!

Cyric London 

2.44 Too many people sitting back and doing nothing. The very least you can do is get on the horn to your local state attorney and file a criminal complaint against UBER. You realize that if UBER gets away with this the terrible precedent it sets for labor law ? This has the potential to effect everyone no matter if they drive or use UBER at all.

Cyric London 

UBER needs to be charged federally under RICO. What they are doing now is outrageous. Its outright theft and they can no longer hide it.

E C 

Here is another good question for the drivers that believe they should get paid based off the fare Uber charged the customer. For trips that you receive boost, guaranteed hourly rate, bonuses based on number of trips or other type bonus do you believe Uber is entitled to this money back from the driver as it was not part of the fare charged to the customer by Uber? For those of you on Lyft that additionally got rental care subsidies or PDB should the drivers repay that money to Lyft as it was not part of the fare?

After all since these drivers believe they should only get compensation based off the fare charged then they would not believe then they are entitled to these incentives.

E C 

Here is my issue with this subject and it is simple, drivers need to read their contract. Drivers are on compensated on what Uber charges the passenger instead they are compensated based on a base fare + per mile + per minute not a split of the fare.

What Uber charges the passenger is between the passenger, what Uber pays the driver is between Uber and the driver.

We are getting compensated per our contract.

So for drivers that support this does that mean when the estimate is lower then the Base + per mile + per minute do those drivers believe they should make less than their contracted rate? What about when a promotion code is used, should the drivers compensation be lower because Uber collected less?

Again, I am contracted and my business model is built around the income being base + per mile + per minute, not a commission split based off wha t Uber collected.

Here is another scenario, what about when the credit card charge is declined or the customer wins a credit card dispute,


The money has to go back to the investors and also updating and refining the app. I don't think Lyft's driver app is anywhere near as sophisticated and efficient as Uber's. They have to pay the hired staff at green light hub. They have to pay the app programmers and there's so many expenses that the driver isn't aware of. We just drive but there's people supporting us, they need to get paid too.


I always noticed the route preview on the Uber driver app usually showed a longer route, then as you drive it will adjust to the "better" route as you go away from the one recommended.

If the lawsuit isn't released, does that mean we follow what the app says regardless of traffic just to earn what the rider is actually paying?

J Harris3 

Enjoy your videos. Do you use a camera in your vehicle when you Uber?



Dennis Bamfo 

This is 100% true, I work at FedEx overnight and often I'm very tired by the time i get off work so I requested an uber.... uber charged me $8.54 so out curiousity I asked the driver how he actually got paid from my ride? and he actually showed me and he only got $4.37 out of that $8.54 the driver actually thought it was due to the morning being a little slow... this was just a week ago

Thomas Welcomer 

One of the OTHER ways we get screwed is tolls. when I first started driving I was told tolls were reimbursed automatically. Unfortunately there is no line for "tolls" on the pay breakdown, so the obvious thought is the toll wasn't included. I have had to send in copies of my ezpass statement EVERY time and request a review. EVERY time I was correct.

Something is fishy here....


Told ya, and drivers want the tip option only for Uber to pass on to drivers what they feel like. Uber cant be trusted period. This maybe there final mistake. Ripping off passengers and drivers. Uber vs The world, Uber will lose!


It's not even a question IF Uber is ripping off drivers. That is Uber's corporate policy. They cheat drivers at every opportunity. They report Uberpool revenue differently than UberX. Doing drivers dirty is Uber's standard operating procedure.