LaTeX in Google Docs | Docx2Latex Add-on


Rich Text + LaTeX fusion, Cross Referencing, Auto LaTeX code generation and real time LaTeX PDF view for Google Docs.

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Docx2Latex add-on in combination with Google Docs becomes next generation writing tool. Feel the power of LaTeX and ease of widely used word processors at the same time.

What's inside the magic box?

1) Write LaTeX code snippets inside Google Docs with syntax


2) Add captions to figures and tables.

3) Cross-refer figures and tables.

4) Auto update captions and references too, when a new figure or a table is


5) View LaTeX compiled PDF in real-time.

6) Automatic LaTeX source code generation and free downloading.

Channel:  Docx2LaTeX
Laura Fernandes 

Hi, guys. I really loved the video, very informative and funny! But I'm still struggling to use the add-on. When I try to insert inline Latex, it appears a box saying that I need an authorization to execute the action. But I'm logged in my private account on my laptop. Do I need an authorization from you? :) Please let me use! I have a lot of home work to do!

Xavier Brusset 

Wow! That is a great promising piece of software! Could it be possible to insert scientific references from Mendeley (Word)? or from a bib file (LaTeX)?

Alex Liberzon 

is it possible to have inline LaTeX formulae?