Language Safari from Global Service Jam Berlin 2015


This is a presentation video created during the Global Service Jam 2015 in Berlin. We created the service Language Safari during an intensive and fun weekend using Design Thinking methodology. After brainstorming service ideas we gathered insights by quickly interviewing people in the street. Furthermore we developed a service proposal that you can see briefly introduced in this quick and dirty presentation shot to explain the service idea.

Language Safari allows people to learn languages in the real-world by living with a helpful native-speaker at their homes temporarily. Offering their place in exchange or money, people willing to learn a language have a great opportunity to meet nice people and travel while improving their skills. The service offers hosts helpful tools, such as a starter-kit including a city map and vocabulary stickers that can be pasted on objects in the host's apartment. The platform connects people who are willing to practice their language skills in a new city ...

Channel:  Andrej Balaz
Topics:  Society