Kroll Show - C-Czar - A Toilet Baby Is Born


C-Czar accepts his parental responsibilities just in time for Liz to give birth to their baby.

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Stable Genius 

Does anyone know where I can find that blisteritos commercial with c czar? I can’t find it anywhere and it was the funniest thing I’ve seen on this show

Crimson Ghost 

Its a toilet baby,so I know its mine🤣😂

ShitKing ShitPussy 

This whole show should have just been a show about c-zar. "LET'S SMOKE BLUNTS!"


LOL this is me


Is this supposed to be funny? Like, WTF?


C zar, those are clearly not blunts, you basic bro. Grats to Liz (thenkyouigh) on her toilet baby.

The Sly Messenger 

"I have DEEEP feelings for you"

Jared Bellow 

Let's smoke blunts!!!!

logan mckinney 

I love this fucking show!


Wtf lol


this is the funniest shit

Johnny Lapierre 

Best Thing ever to be on tv... Lets smoke blunts!!!

Inkless Productions 

That song at the end tho..😂😂😂

Progenitor In Training 

comedy central must be really struggling financially

hmm investigations 

Kroll's father is a multi- Billionaire and Nick Kroll grew up on estates all over the world.  Seems tacky as hell for him to denigrate the poor and uneducated. Worst of all: It's not one bit funny.


hats aside   haha

Film Buff 92 


Jason Hassler 

Omg! Seth Rogen and "bigger one" Liz! This is going to be so hilarious!

Jeffrey Yi 

This shit is retarded.

Damian Louden 

That song is pretty awesome. What is it.

Barbara Scott 

its fucked up & funny.


why so stupid?


Wow...I know put it together that C-Czar and Liz were having a baby...TALK ABOUT A TWIST!

Kay Bayarjargal 

Is this supposed to be funny or am I missing stuff


"I need 2 push it out like a doody."  < FLUSH that WRITER like a  DOODY!


what a glorious end to a glorious saga, didnt even watch the show once

Leo Cortez 

This is retarded. Fucking stupid. Waste of time.