KringleCon - Heather Mahalik, Smartphone Forensics: Why Building a Toolbox Matters


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Presented by: Heather Mahalik

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In the world of forensics, mobile device investigations could be the most complicated of all. Ever changing technology guarantees that when it comes to you and your forensic tools, there is no such a thing as a monogamous relationship. There are a plethora of mobile forensics tools available to make your job easier, but do they? What happens when the tool cannot support an application relevant to your investigation? What happens when the tools disagree about an artifact and the results don’t match? What happens if the user upgraded the OS on their device and your tool cannot support it? What do you do? In this talk, Heather Mahalik will discuss the importance of using multiple tools during mobile device investigations, how a simple upgrade can wreak havoc on your investigation, but most importantly, how success depends on you, as you perform ma...

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