Korean culture crash course: business etiquette n drinking


Did you see him shamelessly plug that coffee shop? Lol


this seems like so much work.


I agree with you *until* the last few sentences, which exaggerate a bit. My experience has been different. Korean and foreign friends were not fired, but, their peers want them to open up. Drinking is meant for that to happen. Koreans explained they like the guy who lets his guard down and opens up. Abstinence from drinking likely does, however, prevent upward mobility. So, in some sense, yes, clients likely "will not want to work with you." But, times are changing. It's on the decline.

hodan billy 

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Its rare that koreans drink that much nowadays for business. i can tell this guy isn't a korean businessman. i was. you do drink. don't get my wrong. but you don't don't drink that much. also, you don't drink till 6 am. at the latest, you're out till a little past midnight. sometimes there are all nighters, but it's VERY rare.


i believe Japan is the most stressful country in asia , not korea .


This guy is so wrapped up in the old school culture of Korea. I can tell you it's definitely not like that anymore. It seems as though this guy might be working at a really small business that still goes by old korean culture.


omg plz let this not be true.


LOL!!!!! "You either get fired or they will not want to work with you.... Again"